Mindtrex launches game-based e-learning app, celebrates top 40 students

Mindtrex Academy recently released a digital learning solution namely the Mindtrex Academy app.

The Mindtrex Academy app is currently making waves in the education sector as it is the first local app to provide game-based e-learning solutions for primary students catering to students from Year 4 to Year 6.

Moreover, the app has also garnered over 6000 users with over 2500 subscribers since its release last year in August and is currently increasing by the day as e-learning platforms are on a rise in prominence due to the pandemic.

Image courtesy of Mindtrex Academy

According to the company, The Mindtrex Academy application has proven to be successful in helping primary school students in the country with an improvement of up to 131% in their performance.

The fun and interactive learning experience help improve children’s attention. Not only that, the contents are in accordance with Brunei Darussalam’s syllabus by the Ministry of Education Brunei Darussalam.

The Mindtrex’s highest-end subscription package is priced at $480 for a year for unlimited access to Year 4 to 6 content for the five core subjects (Malay, English, Mathematics, Science and Melayu Islam Beraja).

This includes an online guide for the PSR exam; over 15,000 questions and tests; over 100 video tutorials and explainers; and an in-depth report summarizing the student’s progress and activities. The same package can also be paid monthly at $60.

In addition to that, the educational platform is currently offering a promotional offer for their yearly subscription for $240.

Mindtrex Academy Sdn Bhd aims to move forward in aiding children’s academic growth in knowledge and skills of their core subjects.

According to the company, with the help of new data-driven and behaviour-shaping technologies, they believe not only that quality content will be delivered to the masses in a more efficient and personalized way, but technology can also be utilized to empower a child to self-learn, self-assess and master critical knowledge even with minimal adult supervision.

For future plans, the company will be launching its second season on their live Leaderboard where students are able to compete with each other to climb up the rank by collecting points as they learn in the Mindtrex Academy application and win exciting prizes.

Image courtesy of Mindtrex Academy

Pg Mohd Khairi Pg said that Mindtrex is planning to expand the application to include secondary education.

“We designed Mindtrex to empower students to be able to learn critical content with minimal adult supervision. It’s highly personalised for learning all subjects, powered by big data, artificial intelligence and a healthy dose of gamification,” he said.

“For now it is targeted at primary schools, but to further strengthen this (education technology) ecosystem, we have now focused on developing end-to-end solutions starting with primary all the way to their career pathway. In achieving this vision, I’m welcoming all kinds of support,” he further added.

Throughout the year, some of the milestones that the company has managed to achieve are the collaborative efforts in providing sponsorship to students from various organizations and institutions such as BIBD Alaf, AITI and certain schools around the country.

One of the biggest milestones for the company was winning the award for its solution in the Shell Livewire’s Business Award in the startup category this year. – Azrina Zin

Image courtesy of Mindtrex Academy

This article was first published on 01 January 2022 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 174 | 


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