MoFE conducts mobile station verification service on measuring and weighing machines

Weights and Measures Unit (SDT), Industry and Business Ecosystem Division under Ministry of Finance and Economy recently conducted a mobile station verification service in three places – Pasar Gadong, Pasar Tani Selayun and Tamu Kianggeh.

Image courtesy of MoFE

The mobile station verification service carried out on 22nd ,24th and 26th August 2022 is part of an ongoing initiative that adopts a customer-friendly approach to protect consumers and encourages local businesses to be more transparent and to ensure that they comply with the Weights and Measures Act, 1983 Chapter 151 and the stipulated guidelines under the Act.

Image courtesy of MoFE

During the mobile station verification service, SDT registered fifty-six units.
Traders and users of weights and measures machine are required to comply as stipulated in the Weights and Measures (Verification) Regulations, 1994 under section 3(2) whereby every person who uses or has in his possession for use of trading of any weight, measure or instrument for weighing not stamped as required by this regulation shall be guilty of an offence.

Image courtesy of MoFE

The penalty for such an offence is a fine of $1,000 or imprisonment for three months or both and the instrument used for weighing will be forfeited.
Any contract, bargain, sale or dealing made by such weight, measure or instrument for Weighing shall be void.

For any enquiries, the public may contact the Weights and Measures Unit, MOFE via email


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