Pouryou: Kindling a new way of candle making

After working in the corporate world for seven years, Norazizah Latip would have never thought that she would end up moonlighting as a candle maker today.

However, what initially began as a simple plan to cut down consumption has kindled itself into a unique business that taps into the imagination through customizable scented candles that are handmade and lovingly crafted, Pouryou.

Norazizah always had a soft spot for scented candles, she bought them every month; a costly habit that she wanted to address, in a way that would allow her to still enjoy the luxury, albeit in a more economical and enjoyable way.

“I wanted to start my own business (but) at the same time, I wanted to cut back on buying candles. So, I thought to myself, ‘why not start my own candle making business’. It would be fun to create my own,” said the 30-year-old.

Image: Nurhana Diah

After conducting extensive research on candle making via the internet, Pouryou began operations in June 2022, with a name that playfully references the French word ‘pour’ which translates to ‘for’ and the act of pouring a candle.

According to the entrepreneur, who runs the business with the help of her husband, the name is meant to highlight the personalised aspect of her candle products, which are special and made-to-order; ‘pour’ you, ‘pour’ me, ‘pour’ us.

Pouryou currently specialises in three types of products, the best-selling being the Birthday Candle, which has a birthday cake scent with Norazizah adding: “For the birthday candles, we purposely sell the candle at a cheaper price as our Gift Pouryou”.

Pouryou also has monthly special candles, where each month will feature a candle crafted baded on a particular them. In October for instance, Pouryou featured horror-themed candles like the vanilla and pumpkin scented Pumpkaboo and the apple-pie scented Rotten Finger.

Image: Nurhana Diah

Customers can also create their own through Pouryou’s Custom-Your-Own-Candle Kit, where customers get to create their own candle by simply purchasing their candle kit and follow the instructions on how to make one.

From the Custom-Your-Own Candle kit to the Birthday Candles, Pouryou candles are affordable with a price range between $20 to $35.

With the candle maker and her husband still working their full-time day jobs, Norazizah admitted that part of the main challenge of running the business is establishing a good balance between their corporate life and their entrepreneur life.

“Thankfully, so far I think I did well with my husband’s support. I am also happy that I chose a business that I love,” she continued adding that since Pouryou is fairly new, there are various plans that she has yet to do and is excited to create in the future.

Image: Nurhana Diah

Norazizah is hoping to introduce more products that suit the Bruneian taste, encouraging customers and those who are interested to follow their social media, especially on TikTok for sneak peeks of new products.

Nonetheless, Pouryou is grateful for the customers that have supported their business in the three months that they have operated, expressing that the customers’ trust in their products, has opened up the company to new potential markets.

In the short time as well, the business has grown so much and are open to doing any collaborations with other businesses so they can reach a wider audience.

Support this small business of cute candles in a jar by visiting their social media pages @pouryou.bn and try out their unique products.


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