Over 40 individuals roll up their sleeves for a good cause

Forty-five pints of blood were collected at a blood donation campaign organised by GHK Motors in collaboration with the Blood Donation Centre at RIPAS Hospital.

Held GHK Motors Headquarter showroom in Beribi, its Marketing Executive Ahmad Faezul Imtiaz Adam said that blood donation is part of the company’s social responsibility which aims to provide support and importance to the community in need of blood.

He said that the company has hosted several blood donations in the past years and GHK plans to conduct blood donation drives at least twice a year as their corporate social responsibility activity, with an upcoming one in November.

He further shared that the response to the event has been very encouraging, banding members of various communities together to roll their sleeves for a good cause including their own employees and staff members.

In addition to that, the event also saw a positive increase in people registering for the initiative beforehand.

Image: Nurhana Diah

Moreover, employees and staff members of GHK also rolled up their sleeves to donate blood.

Ahmad further said that the initiative was held in response to reports of a low supply of blood at the blood bank which prompted authorities to issue calls for donors.

“Apart from that, I believe by donating blood, the nurses are able to monitor and check our blood levels and provide health advice from that. To individuals, I’m led to believe that donating blood can also lower risks of heart attacks,” he shared.

Image: Nurhana Diah

On his part, one of the donors who is the founder of Mantuka Brunei, Fairol Malek Faesal Pg Haji Marali is no stranger to giving blood whose first donation was in 2008.

Fairol’s main motivation is to keep donating blood to help patients in need of blood as well as to give back to society.

He also recommends that others start donating blood as a single donation can be used to save multiple lives.


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