A Great British Spraycation: Banksy’s new seaside murals

Crowds gathered in coastal towns in eastern England on Saturday to view new works by Banksy, after the secretive street artist claimed responsibility for the murals.

Ten images appeared in towns in Norfolk and Suffolk over the past week, sparking speculation that Banksy was behind them.

His website has since depicted images of the works under the title “A Great British Spraycation”, a play on the word staycation.

Government COVID-19 rules have deterred Britons from holidaying abroad, prompting many people to take a “staycation” at home.

Known for witty artworks that often make a point on world affairs, Banksy’s Spraycation mural series includes a scene of a couple dancing above a bus shelter, a rat sipping a cocktail in a deck chair, and one of a huge seagull.


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