Progresif introduces a Truly Unlimited Plan with ZOOM

Progresif has launched its latest product called “ZOOM”, a new Truly Unlimited Home WiFi Plan available at speeds of 50Mbps and 100Mbps, to allow households greater access to the internet at affordable prices.

In midst of stay-at-home orders across the country with data connectivity once again as an important essential for society to function, Progresif has launched a truly unlimited broadband plan coming in 50Mbps in 100Mbps speeds, with the option of 18-month contracts or without contract altogether.

Dubbed as the best value Home WiFi plan available, the offer aims to give unlimited data to customers at more affordable rates by giving FREE optional fixed line and FREE $100 Fibre installation for New or Port-in Customers who choose to sign up on contract.

Customers can have the option to subscribe to the plan with contract for $155 for 50 Mbps or $299 for 100Mbps speed. For those who wish to opt without contract, the price is stated at $165 for 50Mbps or $349 for 100Mbps.

Commenting on the launch of this new plan, Progresif’s Chief Commercial and Digital Officer, Adi Iskandar Haji Basri said that there are many households across the country who need large amounts of data for work and online learning.

“So we’re trying to provide a good value opportunity to stay connected and enjoy unlimited data without having the speed throttled once a certain quota is reached,” he said.

The new Zoom Home WiFi Plan comes in the wake of several initiatives Progresif has launched in recent days, one of which is up to 25 per cent price reductions on the purchase of Data Add-Ons for their mobile plans. – Analisa Amu

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This article was first published on 14 August 2021 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 154


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