Progresif Media now on web, more local content

Thinking of what show to watch next? Look no more as Progresif recently revealed its all-new Progresif Media web platform loaded with exciting homegrown content.

Progresif Media subscribers can now stream Progresif Media originals, Videos on Demand from RTB classics on the newly-launched website at

From the nostalgic “Bintang Kecil” and “Bintang Remaja” to the cult classics like “Misteri Rumah Nina”, to short films like “Sunrise Sultanate”, and even Bruneian series like “Sudah Kah Belum”, the new streaming platform is a treasure trove of Bruneian content.

Not only that, but the website also features new live radio shows and radio podcasts with a wide variety of content genres including lifestyle, culture, business, music, and sports.

Progresif Media also partnered with Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI) for a filmmaking initiative dubbed “Pitch and Produce” which saw eight brand new series from eight independent production houses.

Moreover, viewers can also watch the brand-new series exclusively on the streaming platform, which includes “Crank The Volume”, a series that features local talents and live band performances, the “Terkidding Improv Show” that is a 0% scripted, 100% improvised, 1000% chaos and many more.

“As one of Progresif CSR pillars, supporting Arts and Culture has been our immense focus over the years and supporting local creators is something we have always been working on,” said Progresif Commercial and Digital Officer Adi Iskandar Hj Basri.

He further added that the newly launched website aims to provide local content creators a platform to expand their viewership.

The streaming platform currently offers a subscription for unlimited access to the platform at a monthly rate of $7.99 or $20.99 for three months.

Viewers can also enjoy the special launch rate of $5.99 per month until 18 December 2021 or the $14.99 quarterly subscription rate that is valid until 18 October 2021.

Current Progresif Media subscribers will need to re-register to the new platform with their email address.

Fancy pitching your own show?

Progresif Media is also giving local content creators and storytellers the opportunity to share their ideas or submit their own creations to showcase their work to a wider audience via the streaming platform. Submissions can be made via


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