Communique Enterprise: A haven for wax stamps, journaling needs

Wax stamping and journaling are becoming a trend around the world and Brunei is not too far behind. For those eyeing to start the hobby, worry not as Communique Enterprise has all the equipment that one needs.

The humble family-run business focuses on the retail of wax stamps, leather journaling notebooks and its accessories.

Providing one-of-a-kind wax stamps that can be personalised is their most popular service that is done in-house with their own computerised engraving machines.

These wax stampings are becoming popular especially for projects such as wedding invitation cards, company certificates or even just a crafting hobby.

Image courtesy of Communique

The company which is owned by Wan Ramlee provides a wide range of wax stamp designs and motifs, including full alphabet sets and their popular floral designs.

The waxes that they offer come in various forms such as traditional wax sticks or wax beads so that buyers can experiment with the type that they prefer.

Image courtesy of Communique

“Our products and services are quite unique, but the market segment that we serve is surprisingly broad, as interest in the types of products that we carry grows among the general public,” he said.

The shop also carries various accessories such as melting furnaces, wax melting spoons, extra handles, gift boxes and many more than can enhance the experience of wax stamping that has now become a crafting hobby for many.

Image courtesy of Communique

Wax stamping is also an activity that can make one feel at ease and relaxed when in times of stress just by looking at the result by the stamp designs and colours that are aesthetically pleasing.

Furthermore, since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sales of the company have also increased which shows how not only wax stamping is becoming a popular activity but also journaling.

This is because journaling has become a way for one to express their thoughts into writing or drawing to cope during this challenging time.

Communique first opened their physical store in 2020 at The Mall, Gadong.

Since then, the business has grown from selling via their website and a cube space to much more than what it was before.

“We began small, but we’ve been able to grow consistently through the continuous and generous support of our customers,” said Wan Ramlee.

The business was created by the 38-year-old entrepreneur who has a big fascination for wax stamps and their exquisite designs.

Knowing that there are not many wax stamps available in the local market, he thought that it would make sense to bring in a decent amount of wax stamps and wax sticks as the company has already been selling leather journaling notebooks.

Image courtesy of Communique

With this, Communique Enterprise is also very grateful for their customers as they are the reason the small company can strive especially in these tough times.

“I want to express my greatest thanks and appreciation to all our customers. Our customers mean everything to us, and we pledge to always serve them to the best of our abilities,” conclude the store owner.


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