Seven Sporks: Making healthy, hearty meals accessible

From slicing and dicing of fresh veggies to marinating proteins, “it is all family” for local ready-made meals business Seven Sporks.

On a daily, youthpreneur Syafiq Iqbal is often assisted by his mother Fatimah Ismail in managing business operations ranging from cooking, prepping to delivery services.

Seven Sporks serves as a delivery service for ordering ready-made meals, aimed at those without time to cook or seeking leaner, protein-packed foods as people aim to get healthier.

The delivery meal plan was founded in August 2018 when the trend for healthier food was budding in the country.

Syafiq or also known as The Bear saw an opportunity in consumers’ growing interest in wellness and nutrition.

Syafiq or also known as The Bear saw an opportunity in consumers’ growing interest in wellness and nutrition.

The idea of Seven Sporks is to allow people to get daily access to satisfying and healthy meal plans, he said, who is a firm believer in eating healthy.

Being a Fitness Trainer at Hybrid Movement Gym, Syafiq would share his tips and advice with his clients every day who are concerned about their health and their weight.

His clients would tell him that they want to be healthier, but it was difficult for them, especially when they are looking for quick and convenient healthy meals.

“One day a client asked if I could cook for them and that he will pay for my service… I agreed to do it,” he shared, adding that there is a gap between people’s desire to want to eat healthier and the resources available to meet their goals.

As a result, the fitness instructor came up with the idea for Seven Sporks in hopes to bring affordability and accessibility to healthy food and meal plans.

“Fitness and Meal Planning correlate with each other. So that is one of the reasons why I started Seven Sporks,” he said.

The business owner also shared how he struggled with his finances as his work as a personal fitness trainer starts slowing down.

“Imagine getting $100-$200 a month, I was broke… I’m too stubborn to go back to a 9-to-5 job because I’ve always believed that if I immerse myself into doing something, I’ll get what I want and if I work hard, I’ll get what I deserve,” he continued.

“Nobody believed me,” he added, “but what motivated me more was my wife, family and friends who have always supported me and been there from day one. Especially, Darren Chai for introducing me to the fitness industry.”

According to Syafiq, the name “Seven Sporks” refers to the seven days in a week and “Sporks” is the combination of Spoon and Fork.

“Sporks” also symbolises takeaway or delivery and the environmentally-friendly wooden sporks that we use for our packs,” he added.

Seven Sporks aims to make healthy eating more exciting and accessible meal plans with a wide variety of tantalising rotating meal plan options to choose from.

Moreover, customers are also able to choose from the weekly meal plans and delivery services which menu is available on their Instagram @sevensporks

The meals can be adjusted for diets and lifestyles, which includes their three plans: Signature Plan, Premium Plan and Keto Plan.

“We prepare a different menu weekly updated every Friday through social media. Customers will have time to place their orders before Monday through our online form. Payments are also done online, before their delivery starts,” he explained.

But what differentiates Seven Sporks from other subscription plans is that the food is prepared and cooked freshly each day by his family.

In addition to earning extra income, Seven Sporks also offered Syafiq a new perspective on entrepreneurship. It is all about quality, taste, and consistency, he shared.

Over the past three years, Syafiq and his family have developed an extensive range of menu items to ensure that customers will not see the same meal repeating for six weeks and to have something for every taste bud.

Meals also vary between 350 and 650 kilocalories (kcal).

Seven Sporks is also more than just a meal plan. It is a business that offers one-on-one consulting training sessions included in their “Training and Nutritional” plan, he added.

Moreover, for him, operating the business in the early stages had its challenges, but it has also helped him learn more about the business and clients.

“When I first started, there were a lot of challenges that we went through but one of my biggest challenges is the lack of workforce. The majority of the time I work alone, so I would limit my clients to 30 people a week,” he said.

“We are always learning new techniques, new menus, and new ways to improve, marketing and many more. Too many changes are not always good for the business, but we have maintained our consistency in our service and quality,” he added.

Although plans for expansion are still further in the future, Syafiq said the healthy meal delivery service is looking into opening a franchise for Seven Sporks, whether it is a form of a restaurant or frozen protein supply.

This article was first published on 20 November 2021 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 168|More stories here


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