Charcuterie by DW: Filling snack boxes full of surprises

Family game nights or movie nights are not complete without snacks and a Charcuterie is the perfect snack plate that everyone can enjoy.

Business founder Dk Nadirah Pg Yahya has always loved the idea of making a snack box full of delicious foods that are perfect for gatherings. 

The idea behind her humble business “Charcuterie by DW” came about when she used to make food platters at most of her family gatherings.

“A Charcuterie is an artful display of biscuits, curated meats, cheese, fruits, dips and more, placed on a serving board. It makes a combination of different tastes and textures for example sourness from the pickles, sweetness from the fruits and crunchiness from the biscuits,” said the youthpreneur.

Her home-based business started in June this year and received many positive feedbacks since then, encouraging her to make more out of the business.

Charcuterie is a good choice when looking for light snacking at home. It can be customised to the customer’s own platter with the available meat and dips to go along with sweet grapes.

“The taste is able to explore different combinations of tastes and textures through the items provided on the board or box for an explosion of different flavours or taste,” said the 26-year-old.

There are a variety of selections that the business offer on the menu such as cream cheese pickle, hummus and roasted eggplants as dips and the box includes cheeses, meats, fruits, pickles that goes along with any of the dips.

The products are mainly sold via her Instagram @charcuterie.dw, offering gifting packages and delivery services.

She added that since the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, sales have increased as many are wanting the snack boxes for themselves and for their loved ones.

For Dk Nadirah, her business is piling up with orders but if given the chance, the entrepreneur is hoping to expand her menu in the near future.

“I hope one day to open my own snack bar for Charcuterie by DW while at the same time enjoying serving customers directly in store,” said the entrepreneur.

The 26-year-old has always dreamed of opening her own business and that she did take business-related studies which further encouraged her to pursue the interest.

She knew that the food industry would be perfect for her and her love for charcuterie boxes kick-started her own brand.

“I aspired to continue working hard (for the business)and overcome the challenges that come along the way so as to achieve my own dreams and goals,” she concluded. she is continuing to work hard to overcome the challenges and achieve her dreams and goals. 

Have a taste of what Dirah has to offer in her menu and find out more on Charcuterie boxes by visiting their Instagram @charcuterie.dw.

Image courtesy of Charcuterie by DW

This article was first published on 27 November 2021 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 169 | More stories here


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