Enfiniti Academy Of Performing Arts calls application for upcoming programmes

Malaysian based award-winning performing arts training centre Enfiniti Academy is celebrating its 11th Anniversary this year, amidst the challenging times.

Throughout the pandemic, they have adapted and persevered by digitalising everything, pivoting towards platforms such as Zoom in order to provide online performing arts classes, as well as their drama-based corporate training and youth leadership workshop programmes.

The Academy digitalised all of its programmes by launching its official website in March 2021 at www.enfinitiacademy.com, making their website extremely user-friendly and easy for all to navigate.

The programmes are suitable for individuals from as young as eight years old to corporate professionals;

1. Musical 360 for children between 8-16 years old
2. Performing Arts Certificate for Adults
3. Enfiniti PLAY! Drama-Based Training for Corporates

Head of Enfiniti Academy Joanna Bessey corporate trainer and drama teacher in a statement shared her thoughts that the previous two years were tough for Enfiniti Academy but managed to survive and are continuing to recover.

Furthermore, she believed that 2022 will be a fantastic year, especially with everything opening up again and due to high demand, they will be producing a lot more workshops and corporate training programmes for the general public and corporations

She also expressed her delight at celebrating a decade of producing outstanding, creative leaders at Enfiniti Academy with the focus on teaching quality performing arts making it accessible for students of all ages.

They also aspire to be an incubator for the future creative thinkers and leaders of their country and after 10 years, they see this dream becoming a reality in their graduates

“Those who have gone through our performing arts course will inherently become more well-rounded individuals. Our courses – such as Musical 360 or the Performing Arts Certificate – besides focusing on dance, drama and singing, aim to boost one’s confidence, enhance communication skills and encourage creative thinking,” said Joanna Bessey.

For her part, Enfiniti Academy founder and ‘Chief Dream-Maker’ of the Enfiniti Creative Universe Tiara Jacquelina at the previous 10th-anniversary event spoke of how proud she was to see the Academy’s vision of being a centre for accessible performing arts education, realised.

“Ten years ago, performing arts was not a priority in Kuala Lumpur. Joanna Bessey and I established Enfiniti Academy to provide an avenue where young people can be trained by the best in the industry. We train the young people that we want to see lead our country in the future, whose creative minds will make all the difference,” said Tiara.

She added that it has been their greatest joy to see over 9,000 of their talented students pursuing their dreams since 2011 and Enfiniti Academy makes it possible for more talented young people to fulfill their untapped potential and contribute to the growth of creativity for their nation.

Upcoming Programmes for 2022:

Enfiniti PLAY!: All Year Round

Enfiniti PLAY! is a unique drama-based corporate training programme that helps teams identify, challenge, and change behaviour in the workplace within a fun and lively environment.

Since the pandemic pushed them to quickly evolve into the digital space, all the following modules are now available for virtual or in-person training.

Their PLAY! list includes:
● Effective Communication & Presentation Skills
● Corporate Wellness: Creativity & Stress Relief
● Team Building / Relationship Intelligence
● The Inspirational Leader
● Creative Thinking

Performing Arts Certificate: January-April 2022

The Performing Arts Certificate is a three-month-long intensive university-level course that is built on five modules worth ten university credits.

This includes the Introduction to Theatre, Basics of Voice, Basics of Acting (or the option of Basics of Leadership and Communication), Basics of Movement and Dance, and Business in Performing Arts.

Each module in the course taps into the creativity of individuals.

Students who wish to launch a career in the performing arts, or are interested in learning new skills, will gain a solid foundation and numerous benefits from their education at the academy.

The next semester is set to begin on 15 January 2022 and visit their website www.enfinitiacademy.com to sign up.

Enfiniti PLAY! Drama-Based Corporate Training: ‘Present With Confidence’ Public Workshop

If students want to speak with the confidence and charisma of their favourite actor, presenter or inspirational leaders such as Nelson Mandela or Michelle Obama, sign up with them!

They will coach students using their copyrighted drama-based techniques and train them to work well under pressure.

Their seminar includes:
– Presentation SOFT SKILLS
– Practical & Immersive Exercises Based On REAL-LIFE Scenarios
– Emotional WELLNESS
– Genuine Human CONNECTION
– Creativity – The MOST ESSENTIAL Leadership Quality

Dates: 24th & 25th February 2022
Times: 9 – 11AM
Price: BND$145 per person

Registration & Enquiries: Visit their website at www.enfinitiacademy.com and fill in their registration form!

Voice Acting For Animation: June 2022

Enfiniti Academy’s annual Voice Acting for Animation 3-day workshop will be taught in a hybrid format in 2022, in order to allow students (ages 8 and above) from all across the world to attend, pick up new skills and learn from successful voice actors in the industry.

Learn How To:
● Create a character & interpret a script
● Perform a multitude of voices and characters
● Master professional voice techniques and experience being in a recording studio to record your own demo

Plus, this workshop will be taught by veterans in the industry and this includes Na’a Murad, Joanna Bessey, Azman Zulkiply and Steven “Bones”.

Musical 360 Holiday Bootcamp Programme: December 2022

In this Holiday Bootcamp, teachers will guide the students (over the course of 3 weekends) towards a year-end performance extravaganza, where the children will learn much more than just speech, drama, singing, movement, musical storytelling, costumes and theatre.

As they work together in a large group alongside directors and technical crews, the children will also develop their creativity, confidence, communication skills and self-expression.

Remember to follow @enfinitiacademy on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn to stay updated about everything and follow their hashtags #EnfinitiAcademy #EnfinitiAcademy10 & #EnfinitiMakesMagic.

For more information on Enfiniti Academy’s current and upcoming programmes, email them at enact@enfiniti.com.my or visit their website. – Nurhana Diah

This article was first published on 22 January 2022 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 177 |


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