Fire and Allied Perils Takaful: Securing businesses against fiery uncertainties

If you are a building or property owner, surely you’ve invested time, effort and a lot of capital into acquiring these long-term assets. For many building and property owners, managing their assets well can ensure that they will continue to provide consistently good returns. This may include the importance of maintenance of not just their buildings and property, but even the contents within the buildings and property.

Protecting buildings, properties and assets worth over hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars can be daunting. Even with managing of risks and uncertainties, the slightest mishap or unforeseen mishaps can mean the difference between losing everything.

Hence, for protection against such uncertainties, TBA takes pride in providing building and property owners with comprehensive coverage for their commercial properties against loss and damages caused by fire, lightning, explosion and other perils through their Fire and Allied Perils Takaful scheme.

The Fire and Allied Perils Takaful is ideal for commercial building owners who need coverage against unforeseen events and help protect their property and assets.

Under TBA’s Fire & Allied Perils, Property that can be covered includes buildings, furniture, fixtures, fittings, equipment, rental, plant and machinery as well as stock-in-trade. Additional coverage for damages caused by storms, hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, windstorms, explosion (Non-Industrial without Boilers), malicious damage, flood, electrical installations and more can also be included.

To find out more about Fire & Allied Perils, visit or contact Takaful Brunei Corporate at 224 2222.

This article was first published on 19 March 2022 in our Weekly Epaper issue 185 | 


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