Baking up a French-style patisserie with Juniper Cakéclair

Entremet cakes combined with eclairs make Cakeclairs; an idea by youthpreneur Shin Lin as signature mini bakes for her homegrown business Juniper Cakéclair.

The 27-year-old started her venture with her sisters who also own baking business Amour Du Patissier and Wild Yeast, catering desserts for any social events like picnics and gatherings or even a sweet treat for one after a long day.

Juniper Cakéclair is a union between their carefully curated entremets cakes and éclair shaped cups, the decadent layers of crunchy, creamy and spongy layers are present at every spoonful.

These cakéclairs are special as they are entremet cakes in the shape of éclairs compared to the common cakes sold by other artisan patisserie and dessert cafes.

“I have always wanted to create beautiful desserts that are full of flavours and different textures. But I also wanted it to be convenient to have anywhere, anytime, easy to hold and eat without the worry of the dessert toppling over our hands and making messes,” said the baker.

Image courtesy of Juniper Cakéclair

Growing up in a house where food is a passion; her mother’s love for cooking sumptuous dishes and baking delicious desserts, her baker sisters with their own businesses, it makes sense for the entrepreneur to open her business.

“I used to own a vegan raw dessert business in 2018 but had plans to move to Australia to gain experience in the creative industry a few years later,” said the 27-year-old.

Baking on the side and focusing on her creative career, it continued for a few years. In 2021, Shin Lin decided to resign from her job and found herself experimenting with more advanced pastry techniques with the help of her sister who is a certified pastry chef.

“I decided to pursue two of my passions; where I’m able to share and bring new experiences of flavours and desserts to our tables as well as being a brand manager,” said the founder.

Currently, Juniper Cakéclair offers a box of cakéclairs consisting of four flavours. They are constantly changing and rotating the menu to keep the flavours exciting.

For the business, these flavours are a good introduction to the baker’s new venture as the cakéclairs are common yet different combinations that some may have yet to taste and experience.

Juniper Cakéclair is currently selling through their Instagram @junipercakeclair using an online order system. As a designer, she makes sure her Instagram feed and layout are well thought and meet her creative standards.

Since Juniper Cakéclair is in its infancy stage, they are currently focusing on the cakéclairs while at the same time doing some experiments and switching flavours every now and then.

However, the entrepreneur has also shared that there are some challenges that she faced in the business.

One of them was before it all started, the amount of time and dedication required daily was not something she expected much of.

“Our cakes consist of a lot of dessert components that require various French pastry techniques, different recipes and flavour combinations to experiment with and planning and time management are crucial,” said Shin Lin.

Despite the past challenges, her business journey has been going smoothly so far and she is glad to be in the business finally. The encouragement from her family gave her the final push to keep striving.

Thanks to her ups and downs, at the end of the day, she eventually overcame the hardships and kept her positivity in check.

Try out the beautifully curated cake that Juniper Cakéclairs have to offer by visiting their Instagram @junipercakeclair and taste the interesting flavours that they have created for their cakéclairs.

Image courtesy of Juniper Cakéclair

This article was first published on 23 April 2022 in our Weekly Epaper issue 190 | More stories here


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