Zafa Co: Turning modest and elegant accessories into a business

Local brand Zafa Co. is making its name with one product at a time as youthpreneurs Nur Faqihah Alias and Muhammad Hamizan Haji Sufri are learning and navigating their way to becoming business owners.

The brand which sells minimalistic and elegant products began its journey in 2020 when it first started selling square headscarves.

The entrepreneurs ran some research and tests on the materials whilst bringing in different types of materials until they settled on the best material, soft chiffon to bring to the market.

The Talita Square became their first-ever product and has since received positive feedback which product is still in production today.

In late 2021, the duo had an idea to expand their business which is to not only focus on one product but to bring in more affordable everyday use products before releasing their second collection, the Sejadah Travel.

The Sejadah Travel is easy to bring everywhere and thanks to its compact size, the prayer mat can fit into any bag, perfect for those who are always on the go.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us needed to bring our own sejadah if we wanted to pray in mosques, so our sejadah travel is convenient to be brought anywhere,” said Faqihah.

Recently, Zafa Co released its third product Klasik Mask Extender which was realised due to the rising demand for face masks and mask extenders during the pandemic where mask-wearing is a must in public places.

For the co-owners, the business was made from a passion for creating their own job opportunities instead of waiting around for one to come.

“I have seen my parents doing their own small business when I was a kid and growing up, it has been in me to venture into a business and it is also an opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone,” said the entrepreneur.

Prior to starting Zafa Co, Faqihah was helping her parents in July 2020 selling durians and the business was booming which got her thinking if she could sell the king of fruits then she could do her own business.

That was also where she had the money to get her capital for a start-up business and began talking to her friend who is also now her business partner and co-owns the business with her.

“So, after a few months, the first thing I did was registered the business name. It was known as Klasik Scarves back then as the business was focusing on one product and then I changed it to Zafa Co as the company is still growing and diverting into the market,” said the 27-year-old.

Zafa Co. is ideal for people who are looking for simplicity in a product that they can wear comfortably and at the same time feel a sense of fashion whilst wearing them.

This year, Zafa Co. is also planning on bringing in more simple products, which are jewelleries and they have shared that one of them is bracelets, which can be used by both men and women.

The bracelets are said to be beautiful, simple and 100% handmade and they hope to release them in the near future.

With the growth that Faqihah and Hamizan have gone through with Zafa Co, the two entrepreneurs are excited about the future of where the brand will take them next and they will continue to strive and give the best possible products to their customers.

Check out the products of simplicity and elegance the Zafa Co. has to offer by visiting their Instagram @zafaco_.

This article was first published on 07 May 2022 in our Weekly Epaper issue 192 | More stories here


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