BruHealth 3.0 to go live on Sunday

The Ministry of Health (MoH) is set to launch the third version of the BruHealth mobile app this Sunday, offering several new features on the platform.

“With this upgrade, BruHealth will be used as a Digital Health App that allow users to use BruHealth to plan healthy lifestyle activities (health plan) that is tailored according to the needs of each user,” said Dato Seri Setia Dr Haji Mohd Isham during a press conference.

Among other things, BruHealth 3.0 will also feature an updated User Interface (UI) and an All-in-One Code Scanner that can automatically scan QR codes for the Vaccination Certificate, BruHealth QR code in premises and the Recovery Certificate.

Not only that, but users will also be able to log in to their account by using the new Biometric ID feature.

The upgraded app will also offer updated help features that will make it easier for users should they encounter issues when using the app.

“BruHealth 3.0 will also have two new health programs, namely the BN on the Move and the Check in Challenge, both of which will be launched and will begin to be used in the near future,” the minister shared.

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