imagine celebrates His Majesty’s leadership

Proudly dressed in orange, a total of 25 imagineers joined the recent meet-and-greet for His Majesty the Sultan’s 76th birthday celebration in Brunei-Muara district.

According to its General Manager of Marketing, Debbie Too, imagine has joined the get-together event every year since its incorporation in 2020.

“We are more cautious this year as we wanted to ensure that we follow the implemented SOPs and that all our imagineers performed their ARTs on the day and were masked especially in close proximity,” she said.

Image: Infofoto

This year the company highlighted the theme “Enhanced Data Experience”.

“As the country’s network infrastructure is constantly improving and the nation is gearing towards launching 5G. This gives us a chance to start showcasing to the public how an enhanced experience with higher internet bandwidth for broadband and 5G can benefit the everyday customer,” she shared.

Debbie also shared that imagine is also offering their latest ongoing sign-up and re-contract promotion for home and business internet subscriptions that allow customers to receive additional data and discounts on their data.

Image: Iqbal Dato Selamat

“Customers also have the option to recontract or sign-up with our latest Mesh Wifi device. All of this can be found on our website or via our Instagram account,” she explained.

During the event, members of the public were also given imagine merchandise as a token of appreciation to give back to the public.

“We would like to wish His Majesty a very happy and prosperous birthday and thank His Majesty’s Government and the Bruneian public for their continued support. We hope that together we can thrive and are excited for what’s next,” she said.

Image: Iqbal Dato Selamat

“His Majesty’s benevolent leadership constantly inspires the team with the people being his top priority. Likewise, as a company, our people and our clients are our top priority and we will continue to take direction from His Majesty and continue to drive our business with people in mind,” she added.

Apart from that, imagine is also on a mission to make Brunei a ‘smart nation’.

“imagine will continue to play its role as one of the nation’s technology providers and leading broadband service providers to ensure that they are aligned with His Majesty’s Government Wawasan 2035,” she concluded.


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