Spend With Nura: Turning Thermomix-friendly desserts into a business

Spend With Nura business began when Shakinah S was learning how to bake with a Thermomix. Now, the part-time baker has turned her baking hobbies into aesthetically pleasing and delicious bakes for her customers.

According to the 32-year-old, the baking business began in December 2021 but officially launched in the early of this year.

Shakinah gained the idea to sell homemade cupcakes and cakes after she joined an online baking class using a Thermomix hosted by Family Dapur Kak Sheeya (FKDS).

“I believe that beautifully piped cupcakes are unique and I love watching how they are being piped by Eastern bakers mostly. With a variety of design and colours, the final looks are so pretty and marvelous,” said the part-time baker.

The part-time baker believes that their floral designs are unique and hard to find elsewhere within the country and decided to try making it by herself and that is how the entrepreneurship journey began.

“I created Spend With Nura as I wanted to try something new and challenge myself. Other than baking which has become one of my interests now, I believe in what Rasulullah SAW said that nine out of 10 of sustenance are from business,” said Sakinah.

The entrepreneur runs her business by making the batter and decorating the cake and with the help of her husband, who helps her with the packaging and photography.

Often, she is also supported by her brother and sister-in-law as they are the ones delivering the orders safely to customers’ homes.

Not forgetting her kids, the 32-year-old also included their names into the business name, her motivation to keep her business going.

“I also chose the name Spend With Nura as it is the initial name of both of my daughters, it is very special to me as a mom,” said the entrepreneur.

Spend with Nura offers deliciously homemade cupcakes and cakes that come in a variety of flavours. Amongst the flavours that are offered for the cupcakes are mud chocolate, carrot walnut, red velvet and white chocolate.

As for the cakes, they offer mud chocolate and carrot walnut as well which are both best-selling flavours among her customers and there is also an option for butter cake.

What also sets this business apart from others is that she also takes in orders from customers with their desired design and colours even if they only order 3 cupcakes and not in bulk.

As for the price range of the cupcakes, they are priced at $3 per piece and are cheaper when customers order more and the cakes, are priced in the range of $40 to $60 depending on the design.

Being a part-time baker comes with its own setbacks and time is at times, not on her side.

While wearing multiple hats at the same time, being a wife, and mother of two kids whilst also juggling her full-time job, there are some struggles that the entrepreneur goes through balancing business and responsibilities.

All these are just temporary challenges as she works her way to becoming an entrepreneur and overcomes the difficulties that come at her.

With a strong support system and encouragement from her husband, Sakinah is able to be where is now.

One day, the part-time baker dreams of expanding the variety of products that she has to offer from flavours to choices and hopefully down the road, there will be a mini bakery-coffee shop of her own selling delicious desserts complemented with a cup of coffee.

Sakinah is grateful for all the support that she has received from her customers from when she began her business journey up until now.

Come and support this small business by trying out their beautifully decorated cakes and head over to their Instagram @spendwithnura to order.


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