Chinese fashion retailer Shein to open permanent ‘event space’ in Tokyo

Chinese fashion retailer Shein is to open its first permanent premises in Tokyo this month, the company said on Tuesday,

aiming to bolster its online brand with a physical presence.

Opening from Nov. 13 on Cat Street in the Harajuku fashion district, it will be the company’s first such physical event space in the world, a Shein spokesperson told Reuters.

Shoppers will be able to browse clothing at the storefront and scan QR codes that will allow them to make purchases online. The space may be modified to host fashion shows and designer events as needed, the spokesperson said.

The Chinese retailer operated pop-up stores in Japan earlier this year, and in October opened a temporary location in the western metropolis of Osaka.

Launched in 2008, Shein produces clothing in China to sell online in the United States – its biggest market – Europe and Asia but it does not sell in its home market

In February, the company had shelved plans for its U.S. market listing, Reuters had reported.


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