Key players in poultry industry explore potential of probiotics

Over 50 participants from the local poultry industry took part in a seminar recently that explored the benefits of probiotics in poultry feed as a potential catalyst for innovation and industry growth.

The seminar titled ‘Benefits and Effective Application of Probiotics for Poultry Farmers’ was organised by Department of Agriculture and Agrifood, Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism and local agriculture company DD Agribiz held at the Rimba Horticulture Centre.

Image courtesy of DD Agribiz

During her opening remarks, Manager of DD Agribiz Hjh Siti Nadzirah Dato Ali shared the background of DD Agribiz which began in 2016 with hydroponics and growing leafy vegetables that eventually evolved into a nursery business for floriculture.

“It was not until 2017 that DD Agribiz explored other opportunities in the market, specifically looking at different types of probiotic products, looking at its uses and effectiveness for the farming industry as an alternative to using antibiotics,” she explained.

Image courtesy of DD Agribiz

“We have learned so much about what it takes to run a poultry farm, understand the needs of our local farmers and also learn how to address those needs,” she added.

According to Hjh Siti Nadzirah, the use of probiotics in poultry diets and nutrition has been increasing steadily over the years, often used as an effective alternative to antibiotics.

Image courtesy of DD Agribiz

“Research shows that the nutrients in these probiotics help maintain a healthy digestive system of our poultry and improve against diseases, which can promote growth and laying performance as well as overall health,” she continued.

Hjh Siti Nadzirah went on to note the overall growth of the local farming industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, the role the industry plays in the sultanate’s economy and why it is important for the country to “continue this momentum”.

Image courtesy of DD Agribiz

“Since Brunei Darussalam’s economy is still very dependent on the oil and gas sector, the contribution of the farming industry, which includes livestock, poultry and fisheries is less than 1%,” she said.

Despite this small contribution, however, Hjh Siti Nadzirah urged the attending farmers to not be discouraged as there is still much potential for growth in the industry.

Image courtesy of DD Agribiz

“We all have a role to play here. We need to continue to innovate and find solutions to overcome challenges and find opportunities to grow in this industry, either in Brunei Darussalam or internationally,” she added.

The probiotics seminar was delivered by Dr. Winai Chottianchai, founder and Chief Innovation Officer of the VSC Group in Bangkok, Thailand.

Also present at the event Dr Diana Dennis, Head of Division of Livestock Industry and Veterinary Services of the Department of Agriculture and Agrifood.


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