MPC holds Ramadhan charity drive ‘Ihsan Kasih’

Muara Port Company (MPC) recently held a corporate charity event and Corporate Social Responsibility Programme in Ramadhan at Muara Port Company.

About 30 orphans and underprivileged families received the donation presented by the management led by MPC’s Chief Operating Officer Fazillah Yassin, Chief Executive Officer Zeng Caili and Chief Financial Officer Lyu Guoli.

Upon receiving the donation, recipients were also brought to MPC’s gallery and a bus tour around the port terminals. The visit was aimed to show the orphans and the families an opportunity to see the bustling port operations and bring smiles to their faces.

MPC believes in fostering a sense of community and providing an enjoyable experience for the orphans.

Image courtesy of MPC

Additionally, the charity event was part of MPC’s ongoing efforts to support orphans and their families in the Muara and Mukim Serasa communities.

Moreover, the company recognizes its corporate social responsibility and seeks to make a meaningful contribution to the community.

MPC hopes that the Ramadhan season brings joy and blessings to everyone.

The charity event was a great success and provided a meaningful way for the company to engage with the community and promote its corporate values.


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