Luve, Hana: Crafting timeless jewellery pieces into a business

Whether they are crafted into celestial shapes or wired into blooming roses, Niqmatul Hidayah Erywan will always put her heart into every jewelry piece she has made.

The 25-year-old started her jewelry-making business, Luve, Hana in 2021, designing delicate and timeless pieces out of wires, chains, ornate beads and crystal beads.

Dayah’s journey to jewelry-making began two years ago during the pandemic.

While studying Economics at University of Leicester, she began learning jewelry-making techniques through social media platforms and selling her pieces at pop-up events.

“Back in 2021, there was a big art event that I wanted to attend using only locally-made accessories. I already had a handcrafted handbag and scrunchy, but at the time, there was no one making the jewelry I wanted to wear,” Dayah said.

“So, I thought to myself why not just make it? And I did. I got the tools, the wires, the beads and started creating,” she added.

Image: Luve, Hana

Dayah takes colourful charms and threads and transforms them into bracelets and necklaces. From pliers to cutters, the self-taught jewellery-maker uses an array of tools to make her jewelry.

The youthpreneur has always enjoyed creating handcrafted goods but had never thought of turning her hobby into a business until she introduced them to her family and friends.

“When I started showing more of my jewelry to other friends and family members, they said it was so nice it should be in stores. It was nerve-wracking to think I could start a business during a pandemic but I took the chance and since 2021, “Luve, Hana ” began,” she said.

Wanting to share her work, Dayah decided to open a social media account dedicated to showcasing her pieces.

Image: Luve, Hana

Image: Luve, Hana

The young craftpreneur experiments with different jewelry designs every day. From start to finish, it might take her hours or days, depending on the complexity of the designs.

“Sometimes I would make five prototypes just to find the perfect design. Luve, Hana also provides customisable jewelry services. Whether that is tweaking a little of the designs already available to creating something entirely new,” she explained.

According to her, most of her designs are inspired by everyday life and the people around her.

“My inspiration either comes from the people I’m with, my surroundings or even things I see online. One time I got so inspired by the people I hang out with that I made a whole collection dedicated to them,” she shared.

Image: Luve, Hana

One of her favourite pieces was inspired by Simu Liu’s book “We Were Dreamers.”

“I was so inspired by his book that I just had to turn it into a necklace. It took me two weeks to search for the right stone, the correct colours, the perfect wire and chains to make that one pendant and necklace,” she said.

“I’m so proud of that one because it turned out so well. However, in the case of a whole collection, the “True Love” collection is definitely my favourite,” she added

Image: Luve, Hana

According to the young craftpreneur, the inspiration for the business name is a combination of her name and the word love.

“Luve” is just an old spelling of Love. It was between this or “Sincerely” but I opt to make it shorter. As for “Hana”, it was almost the name I was given. So, I took that and gave it back to myself in the form of a business. Putting them together as “Luve, Hana” reminded me of how you would end a love letter. That’s why I chose Luve, Hana,” she said.

Her first creation was a wire-wrap rose ring. Today, the business currently focuses on creating themed jewelry collections, from picnic-inspired to Halloween themed collections.

The business also routinely makes made-to-order bracelets for customers who would request specific colour combinations or charms.

Since the business first started, Dayah has designed 16 themed collections and made over 130 pieces.

Although Luve, Hana has given Dayah extra income alongside a creative outlet, balancing her side business and a full-time career can prove to have its challenges.

As a result, navigating through trends and the demand of customers while also competing with the market was a challenge for the budding entrepreneur.

Dayah had to think swiftly on her feet — from learning different techniques of jewelry-making to stocking up on supplies.

“With Luve, Hana, I’ve learned that it can be difficult to always think of designs and always stock up on newer charms and beads and get the business out there,” she shared

“However, over the years and after taking a one-year break to continue my studies, I gained better knowledge to run the business. There are minimal changes to the design Luve, Hana puts out but the core of our designs stays true to our goal of trying to be timeless,” she added.

“In the end, it just comes to seeing what is available and believing that what I put out is what people want and believing in my own skills,” she shared

As for future plans, Dayah said she plans to expand the business by exploring different types of jewelry and accessories, as well as, eyeing expanding Luve, Hana’s presence both regionally and internationally.

“The next big step for Luve, Hana is to try to bring our designs into stores or to be able to sell to an international audience within the next few years,” she concluded.

Image: Luve, Hana


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