The Bentong Farm: A place of breathtaking scenery and loveable animals

Looking for the perfect vacation spot?

Surrounded by serene nature and home to over 100 species of exotic animals, The Bentong farm is the perfect getaway for those who want to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Located just eight minutes from Bentong Town and an hour away from Kuala Lumpur, The Bentong Farm offers a unique farm experience and hands-on animal interactions.

The farm, also known as the ‘Eden of Animals and Nature’ was officially opened in October 2021 following the success of “Farm in the City” in Selangor.

Not only that, but the farm has won the award as the ‘Best Agro Tourism Destination’ by MATA and Santai Travel and is also accredited by Malaysia Tourism Quality Assurance (MyTQA).

Image: The Bentong Farm

The start of The Bentong Farm

Initially, the farm was created to provide a suitable and safe place for visitors from all walks of life and ages to learn more about nature, animals, and plants.

By having this farm, it can also become a tourist destination not only for locals but also tourists and it is aimed as a destination of choice for educational activities especially by institutions, government bodies as well as corporate organizations.

Image: The Bentong Farm

Image: The Bentong Farm

With that, the farm’s main target market will be families with children as well as for educational trips or excursions by kindergartens, schools, and others.

Other than that, they also occasionally have visitors who are adults that love to visit the park due to the concept and activities of the farm.

On top of that, the farm is also beginning to attract international visitors as it is a recommended visit by locals, hotels, and travel agencies.

The main concept that attracts visitors to the farm is its enclosures. It mimics as closely as possible to their natural habitat.

Image: The Bentong Farm

The visitors will actually walk into most of the enclosures to get as close as possible and be greeted by various types of tamed and cute animals.

This way, the visitors, especially children, can learn more about nature as well as things that they used to see on television or in books.

What sets apart this farm from others are the section of animals and the uniqueness. For example, the pygmy buffalo, pygmy donkey, one of the smallest species of cattle, Punganur Cow, the rare Green Peacock and Nicobar pigeon, White (Albino) Crow, and Pink Buffalo.

More than just a farm

Additionally, the farm lives up to its expectations as an ‘Eden’ with its magnificent display of nature and beautiful landscapes where one can escape from the city bustle to peace and tranquility.

Spread across 27 acres of beautifully landscaped areas with magnificent waterfalls, ponds, and streams creating the sense of being one with nature and harmony, the farm is home to over 100 species of tamed yet exotic creatures.

Image: The Bentong Farm

Image: The Bentong Farm

The animals that can be found on the farm are such as the palm-sized monkey – white-eared Marmoset, Pink or Albino Buffalo, South American Camelid Mammal-Alpaca, Pygmy Buffalo, Pygmy Donkey, friendly small Shetland Pony, Burmese Python, and many others.

Not only that but visitors would have the chance to have close interactions with most of the animals by feeding and petting the animals.

Moreover, the Bentong Farm is also surrounded by more than 60 species of local fruit trees and vegetables.

Besides that, the farm also has multiple photogenic spots like the iconic ‘Biggest Durian Replica’ according to the Malaysian Book of Records as well as a giant replica of a Ginger root and Mangosteen.

Image: The Bentong Farm

What to look out for when visiting

The best part of the farm is that the plants are certified to be 100% organic.

For the animal sections, there are several attractions available for visits such as Savanna, Exhibition Hall, Bird Aviary, Bird Paradise, Pony Ranch, Longkang Fishing, Tortoise Land, Bunny Land, Reptile Cavern, Moo Moo and friends, and many more.

This is further added with the plants’ sections which have Pomelo Walk, Giant Mangosteen Replica, Lotus Pond, Bee Farm, Valley Well, Pigeon House, Kampong Orang Asli, Ladang Pak Ali, Buffalo Replica, Giant Ginger Replica, Swan Pond, Fish Feeding, Phantasy Harbour and Phantasy Hill.

Image: The Bentong Farm

There are also other attractions that are still in the works such as the Monkey Spring, a family water park where the water is natural water from the hills and ATV rides as well as some extreme activities.

The Bentong Farm is hoped to be the destination of choice and the ideal place for family outings, educational excursions, or simply a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city living in the near future.

Opening the farm is a complement to the Tourism Activities in Bentong as well as the area surrounding it. The farm is hoping to attract visitors from Malaysia as well as international visitors to The Bentong Farm.

The farm is open to the public from Wednesday to Monday and on public and school holidays and admission tickets are priced between RM68 to RM58.

For more information, visit their social media The Bentong Farm.

Image: The Bentong Farm

Image: The Bentong Farm


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