NBT Brunei signs second batch of Aftersales Scholars

Three alumni from the Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE)’s Mechanical Campus were feted on Friday as successful candidates at the 2nd Batch of NBT Brunei’s After Sales Scholar Signing Ceremony.

A collaboration between NBT Brunei and IBTE’s Mechanical Campus, NBT’s Localisation Programme aims to fast-track the learning and employability of participants and ensure the sustainability of local recruits (localisation) as well as manpower capacity planning (aftersales).

Image: Rafidah Hamit

The alumni shared their enthusiasm to be recruited and wishes to improve their skills even further.

Speaking to The Bruneian, Sharifah Norhazwani Wan Norsani said she was grateful for the opportunity particularly as it is a male-dominated field.

“The challenges are different for me because I am female but I am really interested in this field and I worked so hard to ensure I am where I am today.”

Sharifah encourages other prospective female candidates to venture into the mechanical field and not be afraid of the challenges that lie ahead.

Image: Rafidah Hamit

“We can do it if we put our heart into it and it is really an interesting field!”

Arnol Luqmanal Hakeem Haji Rozaini also expressed his gratitude for being selected as part of the programme.

“I am excited especially since we will be working with NBT, a company with a great track record. It is a good opportunity to learn more from this agency and polish my skills.”

“Selected as a master technician is a great feeling and I encourage others to work hard, apply for this or similar programmes that you can and give it your best.”

Meanwhile, Muhammad Nasiruddin Amzar Hj Aminuddin said gaining even more experience is what he looks forward to the most.

“I have always been interested in this field since a very young age and I thank my group leader who believed in me and I believe this opportunity can help me so much in the future.”

IBTE’s Curriculum Development Officer (Automotive Cluster), Md Hafizzul Fadlillah Haji Johari, hopes the recipients will maintain the course well.

“I want them to gain great knowledge because experienced locals in this particular field are needed as the country’s technical workforce needs to be further developed.”

“It is also significant because the technical workforce is increasing over the years due to the realisation that there needs to be a shift towards technical skills as there is importance to develop technical competency in Brunei,” he added.

Md Hafizzul Fadlillah also encourages more women to join, particularly with the increasing number in the last few years.

“We highly encourage females to try this field because it is not only for men, it can be done by women as well, which has been proven a lot of times.”

Signing on behalf of NBT Brunei was the Managing Director, Hj Ahmad Omar Hj Husin, who expressed he was very pleased to hold another signing ceremony with local IBTE graduates.

“Our earlier signing with IBTE graduates was a great success, and we hope our new recruits will experience the same successful journey.”

“NBT is a great place to learn and grow. Our After-Sales Department is well-staffed with Toyota-certified Technical Personnel who will all be qualified to assist the new recruits.”

NBT’s Managing Director also assured the parents that their children will be looked after well and thanked IBTE for the close and fruitful cooperation and collaboration.

“NBT is always delighted to receive your graduates,” he concluded.

The event was held at the Premier Lounge of the NBT Brunei Gadong Showroom.

Image: Rafidah Hamit


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