Jelita: Passion for fashion of two sisters turned into a business

For the love of fashion, two sisters Falah Daud and Fa’izah Daud decided to venture into the business scene and create their own local clothing brand Jelita.

Growing up, the siblings were always surrounded by fashion and creativity which greatly influenced their lifestyle, leading them to appreciate and understand the craft better.

According to the duo, Jelita is a brand that believes in the art of dressing effortlessly and timelessly.

“Born in Brunei, our designs place a strong emphasis on comfort and ease of wear,” said Falah, adding that the brand showcases pieces of everyday wear.

The 26-year-old fashionpreneur said that she loves wearing comfortable attire while running errands or attending occasions while looking chic and versatile.

“As a woman, life is already challenging enough and that’s why dressing up should not be one,” she said.

The brand offers a fresh voice through fashion by delivering versatile and timeless pieces of comfortable wear that cater to both women and kids.

Image: Jelita

Jelita was founded in November 2020 and gave birth to another clothing line for children under the same brand, Jelita Kids in February 2022.

The youthpreneur said that the word ‘Jelita’ is dedicated to all women, a representation of what they stand for.

From the fabrics to the production, all of Jelita’s products are made and sourced locally, with the belief that they are doing their part in contributing to Brunei’s economic growth.

“Constantly learning and keeping up on what’s good is not just for me but for our surroundings as well,” said the entrepreneur.

Additionally, pieces made by Jelita are aimed to be functional, comfortable, and versatile that aims to complement all women in all stages of their lives.

Image: Jelita

Image: Jelita

Some of the pieces for Jelita and Jelita Kids include the Indah Dress, Nikmat Knot Skirt, Tulip Silk Dress, ruffle sleeve tops and plain tops, among others.

Jelita also produces designs that are fitting for mothers and daughters like the Aurora Dress so that they can sport a matching look to any occasion.

The designs for the brand are carefully curated by the sisters with a vision of producing minimalist clothing accessible to women.

“We offer the highest-quality fabrics in addition to the most precise design techniques to give customers the utmost comfort and confidence while maintaining an effortlessly stylish appearance,” she shared.

Image: Jelita

As of now, Jelita is selling mainly through their Instagram @by.jelita_, and occasionally joins pop-ups for customers to see their products firsthand.

Creating a clothing brand is not an easy task, but the Daud sisters have persevered and overcome the challenges of restless nights, countless hours of putting effort into every product and dealing with anxiety before the collection launch.

Becoming entrepreneurs was truly an enjoyable and rewarding journey for the youths. They are grateful to be surrounded by family and friends who believe in their capability of setting up their own local brand.

“As for the future, we endeavour to expand our line of products with the same enthusiasm as one would have for a collection of scarves and mini hijab for kids,” shared Falah.

Image: Jelita

The youths believe that chasing dreams together and celebrating them with one another is the heart of their brand.

Falah and Fa’izah will continue to not only craft a brand that is built on diversity but also create a thriving and inclusive community where everyone is celebrated.

Check out the collection that Jelita has so far by heading over to @by.jelita_ and @by.jelita_kids and giving them some big support.

Image: Jelita


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