Korean Embassy receives participants of ROK-Brunei Youth Exchange programme

The Korean Embassy recently held an event for a group of 10 visiting youths from Korea who were participating in a youth exchange programme between Korea and Brunei.

During this event, Ambassador Kim Seong-eun warmly welcomed the visiting youths, explaining that the meaning of ‘Darussalam’ in Brunei signifies a place of peace.

Moreover, he further extended a hearty welcome to the youths who had the opportunity to visit the serene place.

Ambassador Kim emphasized the concept of ‘think globally, act locally,’ expressing his hope that these young individuals would travel to as many countries as possible and engage with diverse cultures to cultivate a global mindset.

Additionally, the Ambassador encouraged the youths to keep in mind their role as unofficial diplomats and strive to create positive perceptions of Korea, contributing to a favorable image of the country.

Not only that, the Korean youths expressed gratitude for the hospitality of the Embassy and showed great anticipation for the official itinerary.


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