Rendezvous: Bilang’s homage to Brunei’s green jewel

Local fashion brand Bilang showcased its Spring Summer collection 2024 dubbed ‘Rendezvous’, an assortment of 12 outfits celebrating Brunei’s rich cultural tapestry.

Following their first successful fashion show in Bangkok last year, the team returned with bigger ensembles in Jakarta, taking spectators on a journey to Brunei’s lush rainforest landscape of Temburong.

“The inclusion of a range of colours symbolises the essence of the district, captured in the progression of the ensembles presented on the runway”, said Bilang in a statement.

Rendezvous incorporates intricate embroideries of local designs found on Brunei’s 10 and 20 cent coins observed since 1967 as stated in the Brunei Currency Board.

The captivating claw-shaped pattern represents an animal, while the vertical oblong design is said to symbolise a tree that bears a resemblance to the revered traditional Pua Kumbu motifs of the Iban community.

“Each garment exuded a sense of effortless sophistication that harmoniously fuses with nature, culture and contemporary elements reflected in the silhouettes and fabric choices, aligning seamlessly with the event’s theme Culture: Then & Now”, added Bilang.

Held at Pos Bloc, the show commenced with a display of calm shades of blue, reminiscent of the tranquil waters of Brunei Bay.

Bilang’s next exhibit featured swamp green outfits, representing the rainforest nestled along the Temburong district’s trail before transitioning to the rich browns emulating the natural texture and hue of tree barks.

Further into the show, the brand showed Temburong’s core beauty with a breathtaking exhibition of culture, adorned by the captivating palette of red, black and white – colours that are synonymous with the indigenous Lun Bawang community in the district.

In line with the event’s vision to celebrate different elements of culture including music, textile and film, Bilang collaborated with two Bruneian musicians Hanif Iqbal and ByeHai to complement their runway show.


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