Deladi Petroleum Services expands presence overseas

Kuala Belait-based company Deladi Petroleum Services has embarked on a new project in the Republic of Congo, Africa, marking the expansion of its technical services footprint into African territories.

The project is slated for completion within a three-week timeframe. This endeavour signifies Deladi’s ongoing commitment to extending its technical expertise beyond Brunei’s borders while simultaneously nurturing its Bruneian workforce internationally.

With a proven track record of executing upgrades and refurbishments for over 70 generator and gas compressor packages, Deladi continues to demonstrate its technical prowess. Notably, more than half of these projects are situated outside Brunei. The addition of the Republic of Congo project further enriches Deladi’s diverse portfolio of overseas endeavours, complementing its existing works across various countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Nigeria, Angola, and Gabon.

Image: Deladi Petroleum Services

Deladi remains committed to nurturing local talent, as evidenced by its ongoing efforts to develop a skilled Bruneian workforce. Presently, the company employs approximately 15 Bruneians trained as turbine experts, with plans for expansion in the future to seize emerging business opportunities.

The project in the Republic of Congo underscores the confidence and trust placed in Deladi by its business partner, Solar Turbines International. Since 1991, Solar Turbines International has been a steadfast business partner, collaborating with Deladi on numerous retrofit and refurbishment projects on Solar’s turbine fleet in regions of Pacific Asia Far East (PAFE) and Europe, Africa & Middle East (EAME).

Looking ahead, Deladi remains committed to its vision of becoming a leading provider of specialized technical services to the global oil and gas industry. As it ventures into new territories like the Republic of Congo, Deladi reaffirms its dedication to fostering local expertise and contributing to Brunei’s prominence on the international stage.


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