Lexus Brunei unveils luxury off-road SUV, the GX 550

Gear up for an adventure, the all-new Lexus GX 550 has finally landed in Brunei.

The all-new Lexus GX is a head-turner, captivating many with its expressive cues and elegant and robust details across every inch.

Launched at the Lexus showroom in camping-style, the GX stunned the crowd with its rugged exterior and luxurious interior, powerful engine, and impressive off-road features.

Image: Iqbal Selamat

Whether you need it for daily commute or outdoors adventures, the all-new GX has all the power, traction and toughness including a powerful engine, enhanced off-road performance and plenty of safety features.

Moreover, the all-new GX retains its body-on-frame construction but gets a refreshed new interior and exterior makeover and powertrain updates that gives the luxury off-roader a thoroughly modern look and feel.

Lexus Brunei is bringing in two variants of the Luxury off-road SUV into the local market; the Premium and the Overtrail.

An exterior built for an adventure

Powerful and poised, the Lexus GX is definitely a head-turner on the road.

The GX is designed to conquer the great outdoors while passengers are cocooned in Takumi-crafted luxury.

Designed with adventure in mind from grille to rear, the luxury SUV ditches its conservative look to a more modernized boxy body style that is also reminiscent of the nostalgic old-school SUV.

Displaying an aggressive stance in a confident, compact body, the updated GX boasts a range of styling attributes to make it stand apart on the road.

The off-roader makes a bold statement with its redesigned grille. This striking front fascia is further emphasised by sleeker-looking headlamps with seamless integrated daytime running light.

Riding on 18-inch wheels, the SUV exudes a distinctive presence with its muscular contoured shoulders that dominates the side view, giving the three-row seater a ruggedly handsome look that balances the line between beauty and beast.

The exterior of the GX wins on the first impression, but its premium interior is equally as stunning.

As you should expect from the luxury Japanese automaker, the all-new GX comes with high-quality and modern materials throughout the cabin.

Inside, every component in the SUV has been meticulously designed to deliver a more seamless and intuitive connection between the driver and car to help enhance concentration on driving.

To make the cabin more driver-centred, the all-new GX’s interior fully incorporates the Tazuna Concept, a cockpit concept that allows the driver to intuitively connect with the car and concentrate more on driving operations

Aside from high-quality materials, the new GX that was launched features an extra-large 14-inch touchscreen, and leather-wrapped touchscreen infotainment system featuring advanced voice recognition with wireless Android Auto® or wireless Apple CarPlay

Moreover, the centre console and layout have a clean design and accessibility making it easier for the drivers to be connected and be in control.

The New GA-F platform

In terms of dimension, the latest Lexus GX rides on an all-new platform, the Lexus’ Global Architecture GA-F platform which serves as a strong foundation for its body-on-frame build.

The introduction of the new GA-F platform contributes to superior durability and reliability as a genuine off-roader.

With the incorporation of the new GA-F platform shared with the LX and the inclusion of a highly efficient V6 twin-turbo engine, the vehicle’s fundamental performance has dramatically evolved, striking an optimal.

The adoption of the new GA-F platform also elevates collision safety performance, enhances quietness, and improves overall driving quality.

Under the hood and safety features

Under the sculpted bonnet, the GX is powered by a robust 3.5-liter V6 twin turbo engine that powers through challenging terrain with increased torque and fuel efficiency, embodying true off-road excellence.

For the new GX ‘Overtrail’ variant, the off-road SUV offers a wealth of off-road features including a wider track, Multi-Terrain Select (MTS), Electronic-Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (E-KDSS) and Crawl Control.

When it comes to safety, the Japanese automaker is ahead of the game. The all-new GX comes with the evolved and comprehensive Lexus Safety System+3.0 package to reduce the burden on drivers during long-distance journeys Equipped with the latest preventive safety technology.

Notable safety features include Pre-Collision System (PCS),, Lane Departure Alert (LDA), Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), Safe Exit Assist (SEA), Lane Tracing Assist (LTA), Parking Support Brake (PKSB) and many more.

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