Energise your day with LiHo x RedBull series

If you are looking for energising, fruity and fresh drinks to cool down, LiHO Tea Brunei has something new for you – the Redbull Series.

The franchise is collaborating with the energy drink brand Red Bull Brunei to come up with three Red Bull-infused tropical fruit tea with the slogan “New Taste, Same Energy”.

During the launch of the drinks, LiHO Brunei owner Jeffrey Chia introduced the Red Bull Aloeha, Red Bull Booster and Red Bull Paradise beverages to customers visiting the branch.

Say Aloeha to Red Bull; the thirst-quenching drink is a delicious blend of fresh pineapple, passion fruit juices and aloe vera pulp combined with a big wave of energy from Red Bull Plus.

It’s a taste of summer like no other, and one that will gladly pull you back for more.

The owner of LiHO Brunei Jeffrey Chia. Image: Yusri Adanan

Moreover, quench your thirst with their RedBull Booster, a summery twist of fresh juicy peach combined with the wings of the latest Red Bull drink.

Light and refreshing, this drink is the perfect pick-me-up on a hot day.

Moreover, drift away to a tropical island euphoria with Red Bull Paradise; a big burst of mango and citrus flavours combined with Red Bull Plus that will definitely energise your day.

Visit any of its branches and hurry grab your favourite drinks as the series will be on the menu for three months only.

For more information and updates on LiHo Brunei’s latest Redbull series, follow them on Instagram @lihobrunei.

(L-R): LiHO Tea Red Bull Booster, Red Bull Aloeha and Red Bull Paradise, the newly-launched flavored drinks. Image. Yusri Adanan


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