DHL Express to increase rates by 4.9 per cent early 2022

International express services provider DHL Express is set to increase their average delivery price by 4.9 per cent for the Bruneian market, starting 1 January 2022.

Prices are adjusted on an annual basis by DHL Express, the establishment said in a statement, taking into consideration inflation and currency dynamics as well as administrative costs related to regulatory and security measures.

These measures are being regularly updated by national and international authorities in each of the more than 220 countries and territories that DHL Express serves, it said.

Depending on local conditions, price adjustments will vary from country to country, and will apply to all customers where contracts allow.

The adjustment also allows the company to further invest in its infrastructure network and strengthen the resilience against crises and provide the needed capacity growth due to rising customer demands.

For the ASEAN region, the company’s rates for Brunei are between $500 and $900 for packages weighing 30 kilogramme which prices for imports into the country are higher than outbound.

DHL Express Brunei previously opened its million-dollar logistics facility in 2018 catering to rising demand in the country and improve processing times.

The Gadong-based facility can process about 100 outbound and 800 inbound packages daily.

Managing Director of DHL Express Malaysia and Brunei Julian Neo said that the company always strives to deliver excellence to customers and thus are investing regularly to expand and enhance their services while ensuring that business can continue even in times of global crises.

“With the annual price adjustment, we are able to invest in our infrastructure and technology to ensure resilient, sustainable and best-in-class customer solutions. This includes state-of-the art aircraft and vehicles as well as the expansion of our hubs and gateways to increase capacity as demand for the fastest possible cross-border shipping continues to grow,” he said.

Get in touch with DHL Express Brunei at 2444991/92/93 to know more about the adjusted rates.


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