Sésu Jewellery: Handcrafted for the love of gem

Sharing mother nature’s creation with the world, Sésu Jewellery specialises in unique handcrafted jewellery with genuine semi-precious stones.

The business was first started by a part-time entrepreneur and is named Sésu with the combination of the owner’s names.

Starting back in March 2018, the business was created due to a hobby where the owner created a design of gemstone beads bracelet and decided to post it online as a hobby which then caught the attention of the first buyer.

Afterwards, began the journey of the business as the creators of Sésu decided to officially launch their own line of jewellery whilst finding contentment in self-taught crafts and the joy in creating and designing each piece of bracelet.

What makes this business unique is that its designs are created by thinking outside the box and strive to be different by selling only natural gemstone and sterling silver jewellery.

“Throughout ancient time, gemstones have been in various roles in legends and myth of human cultures, some believed to have special powers, others tell a story, but all share a common beauty. We love to share these magical creations,” said the curator of the jewellery.

With the owner being a certified gemologist, the main focus of this business is to handcraft gemstone beads bracelet that matches all style and personality of their buyers and they offer customisation service where buyers are able to create their own designs from their horoscope stones or favourite colours.

“We want to share these unique exotic colourful gemstones and a variety of sterling silver jewellery at an affordable price to everyone,” said the gemmologist.

Not only does Sésu focus on bracelets, but they also have a variety of jewellery such as necklaces, rings and earrings and are packaged with the utmost care.

The business is currently online based and they have a small showcase that is available for customers to view the products that they have and also collect their orders which is at Box of Cravings in Kiulap.

The services that they offer include deliveries as well as customisation services where customers can create their own design of gemstone beads bracelets and another service is the engraving of gold or rose gold plating services.

Sésu is always striving to evolve their products and bring the best for their buyers and also showcase the creations of the earth.

“We always strive to be innovative and creative with our product range, we are planning to have lifestyle products and crystals soon on @lifestylebysesu and hope to bring in high-end jewellery in the future,” said the owner of Sésu.

Sésu believes that in business, it is important to love and care about the work that one does and be efficient as well as passionate as action always beats intentions.

Image courtesy of Sésu Jewellery

This article was first published on 13 November 2021 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 167


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