Never out of style with Vintage by Pastel

Thrift stores are usually the go-to place for one seeking vintage clothing that is not just affordable but of good quality at the same time.

In Brunei, there is slowly a trend in the thrifting scene especially with the current COVID-19 situation in the country, more and more people are looking into purchasing one-of-a-kind clothes.

For the online store Vintage by Pastel, starting the business was merely due to the owner’s love for thrift shopping since the age of 15.

Shafiyyah Rabiha would usually go around vintage stores when abroad or on holiday where she would splurge at these stores, knowing that there is an abundance of cheap and good quality clothes.

Knowing that there is a lack of thrift stores in Brunei, the 21-year-old account clerk thought of giving it a try and started her own online thrifting shop.

“I really loved to share the idea with others and that you don’t need to spend so much money on buying as long as they fit your style and are still sustainable,” said the youthpreneur.

Image courtesy of Vintage by Pastel

Although having a day job, she would spend time running the business part-time and curating the vintage clothes while at the same time resonating with her own aesthetics.

Most of the vintage clothes sold by Shafiyyah are from Malaysia, the USA, Japan, and Korea, supplied by a thrift seller in Brunei and a Malaysian bundle supplier.

Making it affordable, the clothes are priced between $4 and $25, never more than the maximum set price, even with branded ones.

The entrepreneur added that during the stay-at-home phase, the business saw an increase in sales as more people do online shopping and have them delivered at their doorstep.

All clothes by the local thrift store are sold online via its Instagram @vintagebypastel where she would post the items once a week and on a first come first serve basis, keeping buyers on their toes in getting the limited pieces.

Youths are among the popular buyers of these vintage clothes, said Shafiyyah, as the views on thrifting have shifted and evolved due to the influence of social media.

“My aim is for everyone to buy vintage clothing, I think it doesn’t matter with your age or gender, everyone should go for thrifting because it’s saving money and helps reduce your carbon footprint,” she said.

Furthermore, the business owner encourages other youths to start thrifting while at the same time promoting vintage clothing to others. 

“Just like people, clothes can also be fixed and evolve into better quality,” she concluded.


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