Male panellists share insights on overcoming pressures and stress in work, life at Movember forum

Movember month has just started and Big BWN Project and partners recently organised a weekend full of talks, forums and workshops on Men’s Health and Mental Health.

The two-day session was aimed to raise awareness on men being more mindful of their health, mental health, and well-being.

A panel forum titled “Overcoming the Pressures and Stress in Work and Life” was participated by Malai Masrhiem, Najib Ja’afri, DJ Daffy, Khairul Nazif and moderator, Zayn Sabri.

The forum was held to show men that it is okay not to be okay and that it is fine to seek help whenever they need it as men too face challenges from maintaining their well-being and mental health, juggling between their personal life and work-life.

To maintain a healthy life and mind, the panellists shared their experience how they have learnt the ways and are still learning in each day of their lives.

A few key areas were touched during the forum, on about the wellbeing of men’s health mainly, organisation of daily life, intentions of working and support from family and friends.

The panel forum first started off with the panellists sharing their daily routine in keeping their days in check

For DJ Daffy, he shared that he needed to make a checklist the day before, even if it is his off day. It is so that he keeps everything in check and makes sure that everything is in line for that day.

Whereas for Malai Masrhiem Taufik, for him the most important aspect in a daily routine is to always make time for yourself. He would turn off his phone at night so that he does not do any work-related stuff during his personal time with family.

“What organising does for us is that it gives us the foresight, it’s very stressful for us as individuals that we cannot see the next step. Or we can’t foresee what’s going to be happening with the choices that we make, because we make choices and decisions every single day,” said the businessman.

Between juggling work life and personal life, it is also important to set boundaries to not overwork the body and mind.

When the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the panellists shared that there were some lights shed during this challenging time.

With limited movements and staying at home, the family men were able to enjoy more time at home with their family which made them see the importance of quality family time.

Sharing the same sentiment, comedian Najib Ja’afar, said that the pandemic has caused not just a big change in the well-being of his family but also his business.
“Thankfully there were more clients, and I was still able to do my work from home while at the same time having some downtime with my family,” said the comedian and entrepreneur.

Image courtesy of Big BWN Project

Another view that was brought up during the panel discussion was that men are viewed as the strong pillar and men do not cry but the speakers refute this as men also tend to have their own worries and stress.

The speakers further mentioned that they also speak their worries to others such as their wives and this does not mean that they are not strong individuals.

“We cannot run from mental health and stressful situation but when encountering these situations do remember these few things; support system which are the people that can give you positivity, therapy like laughing so that we do not think about our problems and lastly, spiritual which is to always remember Allah,” said Ustaz Khairul Nazif.

At the end of the forum, the four speakers have also shared their advice for men to overcome pressure with Malai Masrhiem mentioning that there is no such thing as no choice.

“Move forward, do not listen to negativity as there is always someone that is going to give hate, but it is better to move past that and absorb all positivity,” advised DJ Daffy.

This article was first published on 20 November 2021 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 168 |


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