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Hands provide the ideal transport for a range of microorganisms and potential pathogens. Throughout the day they pick up transient organisms, for example, from the gut after visiting the toilet, or touching contaminated surfaces, which can then be easily transmitted to other inanimate surfaces, or directly to people. From your hands these germs can easily get into your body, as we often touch our face to rub our eyes, nose and lips.

A good hand care regime, incorporating washing with good quality soap, rinsing and drying thoroughly as well as regular sanitising to prevent recontamination and reduce the risk of cross-contamination between surfaces, when followed and executed thoroughly, raises levels of personal hygiene, protects from the transmission of germs, helps to reduce absenteeism and promotes healthy habits.

It helps prevent the transmission of skin, respiratory and gastrointestinal infections and reduce the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria by limiting cross-contamination of a wide range of bacteria that could be found in the gut, skin or from the environment.

Initial offers suitable, easy to use and high-quality solutions for every step of the hand care journey including stylish and reliable dispensers with a range of and provenly effective consumables such as high-quality hand soaps and sanitisers.

Industry leading product design

• Signature range: Slick contoured surfaces feature antibacterial silver ions embedded within the plastic and painted coatings, providing hygienic protection on all touchable surfaces. Maintaining and cleaning the dispensers is easy to do with a single wipe across the surface.’

• Initial’s Signature hygiene product range was awarded the Red Dot Award for product design excellence and a prestigious Singapore President’s Design Award.

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Key attributes

• Antimicrobial coating on all Signature dispensers helps to prevent the collection of bacteria on the surface, and reduce the risk of cross contamination

• Hygienic consumables in sealed containers

• High quality soap range with effective cleansing properties that stays kind to the skin

• Paper, linen and air hand dryers combat the spread of bacteria from wet hands

• Sanitiser consumables proven effective against coronavirus

Initial Hand Care Range

Image courtesy of Rentokil Initial

Hand washing – Cleaning hands with soap after using the washroom, touching common bacteria hotspots and after getting dirt and soil onto the skin is essential to prevent cross-contamination from humans to surfaces and other humans. Our Signature soap dispensers are supported by an anti-microbial coating to prevent the collection and growth of germs, while the Reflection soap dispensers’ premium stainless-steel cover is easy to keep clean with a simple wipe. Our No-Touch dispensers are equipped with an intelligent sensor that operates the units without any physical contact to help minimise the risk of contamination.

Initial’s renewed soap range includes HALAL approved Sensitive formula and an Antibacterial soap with 99.99% bacteria kill rate. The consumables are gentle to the skin and kind to the environment.

• We have developed and formulated soaps of the highest quality to meet and exceed all customer expectations. From luxurious Moisturising hand wash to our established Antibacterial formula which is proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria, there is a solution for all hand care needs.

Image courtesy of Rentokil Initial

Hand drying– Wet hands carry a greater cross contamination risk than dry hands, with damp hands spreading 1000 times more bacteria, which makes hand drying essential in our hand care routines. Initial provides a wide variety of paper, linen and air hand dryers for all environments and levels of expectations.

Disposable paper towels are considered most hygienic as a fresh towel is prepared for each use. Air dryers use evaporation to diminish moisture from the skin, and our No-Touch solutions help avoid all contact with the units.

Hand sanitising – Providing hand sanitiser consumables and dispensers at key hygiene hotspots are key to keep the spread of germs under control. Initial offers not only manual devices, but also touch-free automatic dispensers and a portable stand and pole.

Our effective Alcohol hand sanitiser which meets WHO recommendations is also available, it contains 70% alcohol and kills 99.999% of viruses.

This article was first published on 27 November 2021 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 169 | More stories here


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