Majestiqore: Making computer accessories out of resin and wood

Local homegrown brand Majestiqore started off their resin and woodwork business when doing some experiments with the versatile substance to produce wrist rests, using multiple colouring techniques and incorporating wood into some of the products.

The business specialises in creating artworks out of resin and woodwork to fit the current online lifestyle where everyone is constantly on their computers, needing some relief for their wrists.

Delivering the best to their customers, they ensure that the products are of the highest quality from the colours to the finishing touches, while also offering customisations to suit one’s preference for work from home essentials.

Majestiqore currently takes orders for all keyboard sizes and mouse rests that are made with all resin or hybrid.

Some of the items include hybrid stands for headphone, mobile phone, mouse trays, coasters, monitor risers and custom keycaps, among others. They are also doing resin tabletops, coasters, serving boards or trays that are made from both wood and resin.

“All the colours can be customised and we are also providing engraving on the wood and the resin so it feels a lot more personal or can even be a gift for someone special. In fact, many of our customers bought our products to be given as personalised gifts for their significant others,” said business owner, Pg M.

For their supplies, their wood is locally sourced and bought the resin from various countries such as China and the US as different products require different types of resin. However, due to the current pandemic, their supplies are limited and is a constant challenge to keep ample stock as shipping takes an average of four months.

“Our products enhance the aesthetics of a workplace setting, so our customers will have a comfortable setup that exudes good vibes and in turn, hopefully, increases their productivity,” said the entrepreneur.

Not only that, but the business also targets those who love unique pieces of art to be incorporated into their homes, such as their rein and wood serving trays and matching coasters that would impress their guests.

Initially, Majestiqore started when the owner was inspired to make a wrist rest for his wife as she was having problems.

“The idea of making wrist rests was inspired by my wife. She had CTS because she spends long hours at a time on her PC, writing her PhD. So, I made a wrist rest for her to reduce the strain that caused her CTS,” said the owner.

From an idea and now a business, the brand has a big following, customers who supported purchases of personalised products.

The name Majestiqore is derived from ‘Majestic to its core’ and they are proud of what they have created and their motto for the business is ‘Our art has PC in it’.

“The name came from my passion for building and modifying a PC. I’m an extreme PC modder too who loves doing facelifts whilst increasing PC performance,” said the entrepreneur.

For 2022, the business owner hopes to provide more and better products to customers and eyeing using a CNC machine and laser cutting to make more products.

Find out more about them via their Instagram and order them from the comfort of your office or home.

Image courtesy of Majestiqore

This article was first published on 08 January 2022 in our Weekly E-Paper issue,175 |  More stories here


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