Baiduri Bank introduces emerging leaders mentoring programme for employees

Continuing its efforts to further develop and nurture its employees, Baiduri Bank recently launched the Emerging Leaders Mentoring Programme at Baiduri Community Space, Baiduri Bank Headquarters.

The purpose of the Emerging Leaders Mentoring Programme is to develop the Bank Group’s employees and enhance their growth in terms of technical and leadership competencies, through personal guidance and knowledge sharing between mentors and mentees.

The programme is an important addition to the list of initiatives its Group Human Resources division has created as part of its strategic objectives in People Development, in addition to a new performance management and competency framework as well as Leadership Academy.

Under the programme, a total of 24 employees across the Bank Group will be mentored by different mentors from various departments every year over the next 3 to 5 years as part of their professional development plan.

Image courtesy of Baiduri Bank

The programme’s mentors are made up of leaders from various business divisions and support functions, including senior executives. This offers mentees access to a vast resource of leaders who have decades of experience in various areas.

The launch of the Bank Group’s very first mentoring programme follows the success of its Leadership Forum held last July.

The one-day forum gathered the Bank Group’s senior management team and people managers in one place with the aim of fostering good leadership, building a stronger working culture as well as enhancing their overall understanding of Baiduri Bank Group’s core values and why these values are crucial in fostering a productive and engaged workforce. The forum also acted as a platform to facilitate dialogues between the senior managers and other leaders within the Group to share experiences in managing their own teams.

Veronica Chong, Head of Group Human Resources and Administration, said that more organisations around the world are continuing to focus on building a stronger work culture because they are fully aware that a company’s work culture directly affects productivity, customer service, and especially talent retention.

Image courtesy of Baiduri Bank

She said: “This programme is an opportunity for our high-performing employees to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience of various leaders in the Bank Group, so they can be empowered to become effective future leaders through the unique peer-to-peer learning experience.”

Meanwhile, in his welcoming remarks, Chief Executive Officer of Baiduri Bank Ti Eng Hui said that traditionally, an employee only reports to their direct supervisor, which can limit them from learning about other forms of leadership styles and different ways of problem-solving. This limitation can also sometimes restrict communication and limit creativity.

He added: “By giving the employee a mentor to offer guidance and act as a sounding board, the employee can use this opportunity to build new networks, be more open to new ideas and perhaps even unlock other dormant abilities.

“This programme also aims to hone your individual leadership skills so that as an organisation, we continue to impart our Core Values and create a culture of innovation. Not only that, but in the spirit of mutually learning from each other, mentors will also have a great opportunity to sharpen their coaching and leadership skills, as well as get fresh perspectives and ideas from their mentees as part of reverse mentoring.”

For more details on the programme and career opportunities with Baiduri Bank Group, please follow the Bank Group on its social media channels or visit


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