OCR national athletes to compete in Ninja World Cup Asia

Five Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) national athletes under Brunei Adventure Recreation Association (BARA) yesterday left for the Philippines to compete in the Ninja World Cup Asia from 31 March until 2 April.

The tournament is one of the team’s preparations for the upcoming Southeast Asian (SEA) Games slated to be held in Cambodia this May – marking Brunei’s debut in OCR as a national team.

The participating athletes are Muhd Hasnal Husna (team captain), Ak Muhd Nur’ Nazirul Mubin, Ak Muhd Habibullah, Azizil Anwar and Muhd Adid.

Leading the delegation are BARA President Yasmin Patera and OCR National Team Coach Pg Muhd Rafie.

Image courtesy of BARA

For the Ninja World Cup, the athletes are expected to join in a 100-metre race for elite and amateur categories, comprising 12 obstacles such as ring transfers, half pipe, rope swing and balance beams, among others.

The best out of two attempted runs will be used for their qualifiers prior to the finals on 2 April. The team will be going against athletes from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Georgia.

In an interview with The Bruneian, Pg Muhd Rafie said that representing Brunei in OCR in SEA Games is a notable milestone for the sports scene in the country.

“It is a great honour for us to be chosen as the national team. While OCR may not be a new sport globally or regionally, the opportunity to represent Brunei in a major international competition is a significant accomplishment. The team is proud of their selection to take part in the SEA Games and can use this opportunity to showcase their skills and passion for the sport while promoting the sport more,” he said.


Image: Analisa Amu 

Talking about other preparations leading to the SEA Games apart from the world cup, the head coach said that the team engages in physical training, mental toughness training and specific obstacle training on the ground.

“OCR training often includes a mix of cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and obstacle-specific skill training. OCR athletes also focus on developing mental toughness and resilience, as the sport can be physically and mentally challenging,” he said.

As first-timers in the Ninja World Cup, they are expecting some challenges in terms of adjusting to the competition format and the level of competition.

“The national team will likely face tough competition from other countries, but they can use this experience to learn from the best and gain valuable insights that can help them prepare for future competitions,” said Pg Muhd Rafie.

Image courtesy of BARA

In their future plan, the head coach and athletes eye to participating more in international events, gaining more experience and exposure on the global stage while further promoting the sport in the local OCR sports scene.

“Additionally, the OCR community in Brunei may look to host more local and regional events to encourage more participation and foster a sense of community among OCR athletes in the country. This can include training camps, workshops, and competitions, which can help to further develop the skills and abilities of OCR athletes in Brunei and build a stronger sense of community within the sport,” he concluded.

OCR involves racing through a challenging course filled with obstacles such as walls, monkey bars, and mud pits where participants must complete the course as quickly as possible. It is a popular sport worldwide with many competitions held at both the amateur and professional levels.

Brunei has also gained its own OCR community of athletes and fitness enthusiasts over the years through positive participation in local OCR events and competitions in the region.

Image courtesy of BARA


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