UNN, BIL partnership to catalyse innovation growth in Brunei

Unified National Networks Sdn Bhd (UNN) and Brunei Innovation Lab (BIL) recently signed an agreement to establish a transformative collaboration centred on education, technical ICT expertise and catalysing innovation growth within the nation.

The partnership marks a pivotal moment where both national entities commit to unify their plans and expertise to realise Brunei Darussalam’s ambition for digitisation and Wawasan 2035 initiatives to transforming Brunei into a smart nation.

“With deep-rooted experience in the technical aspects of the communication industry, UNN is showcasing the technical aspect of the ICT infrastructure and solutions within BIL, providing access to both consumers and industry players a better perspective, and further understanding of the technology used to connect the nation as a whole,” said the organisations in a statement.

This is also aligned with BIL’s objective to spread awareness and education on emerging ICT technologies while acting as a platform to enable access to local startups and technopreneurs through their vast network of partners.

Both parties are enthusiastic about this partnership as it embodies a shared vision for a more connected and innovative Brunei. UNN and BIL invite startups and technopreneurs to embark on this journey with them, and together, build towards realising the goal of a smart nation.


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