New Lexus ES: A more elegant, minimalistic beauty inside and outside

Lexus Brunei has revealed the new Lexus ES, debuting minimalistic and elegant details that are featured in three of the ES variants – ES 250, ES 250 F Sport and ES 300 Hybrid.

The ES is a key model in the Lexus line-up, having first appeared with the launch of the first-generation LS flagship sedan in 1989. 

The ES has been well received by many customers around the world for its high level of quietness, high-quality ride comfort, and spacious cabin. 

Since its initial debut, the cumulative sales of the ES are so far total approximately 2.65 million units in more than 80 countries and regions.

The new ES achieves further enhancements to superior quietness and ride comfort, which form the origin of Lexus, as well as further refinements to its high-quality overall comfort, said Lexus Brunei in a statement.

Image: Nurhana Diah

As can be experienced through the comfort in the car’s seamless connection between acceleration, deceleration, and steering in any driving situation, development pursued a linear response that is faithful to the driver’s intentions. 

A proprietary Lexus method was employed to increase the rigidity of the rear suspension-member braces for superior steering stability in situations such as high-speed lane changes. 

Furthermore, actively employed in the new ES are advanced safety technologies, such as a Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA), Parking Supported Brake (PKSB), Blindspot Monitor (BSM) and Panoramic 360 Safety System (exclusive for Lexus ES 300 Hybrid), with the aim of enabling drivers to enjoy even safer driving. 

Image: Nurhana Diah

A newly designed front grille and newly designed rims, together with the use of a newly developed interior colour, result in an overall design that is more refined.

Lexus International Chief Engineer Tetsuya Aoki said in a statement that Lexus’ goal was to deepen the high quality of the ES and to add new value. 

“In addition to further improving quietness and ride comfort, we pursued linearity in vehicle movement, in response to steering wheel operation, that is faithful to the driver’s intentions. When it comes to styling, we refined the elegance that is characteristic of the ES, and we have created a new modernity,” he said.

Aoki further said that in development, to exceed customer expectations, Lexus has identified elements that could be improved, and they thoroughly raised every detail to the highest levels of completion. 

“I would like people to experience by riding in the ES the thoughts of the development team, which closely adhered to the idea of ‘Always On’ with the aim of making ever-better cars,” he concluded.

The ES Hybrid

The new hybrid system aims to transform people’s image of hybrid performance even as it realises exceptional fuel efficiency. 

By combining the excellent response of the 2.5-litre engine with a compact, small lightweight battery and sophisticated control capabilities, it delivers a smooth natural acceleration feel, responding instantly to accelerator inputs. It comes with an E-CVT transmission. 

Image courtesy of Lexus Brunei

Subtle Lexus hospitality is seen in the elegant and functional design of the instrument panel and its real stitching detail. The use of LED ambient illumination to indirectly light the lower instrument panel and front and rear door trim, creates a feeling at night of being gently enveloped. The brightness can be adjusted to suit your preference.

Introduction of the ES New Variant – F Sport

This launch sees the first ever introduction of the ES F Sport. The F Sport evolves the Lexus sport DNA that finds its ultimate expression in the LFA supercar, to enable more drivers to experience its exhilarating performance and unique personality. 

The F Sport further enhances the driving excitement of the ES so that drivers can enjoy a sense of oneness with the car, borne of its ability to respond immediately to their intentions in various situations. The F Sport is designed to extend the limits of the ES’s smooth performance. 

Image: Nurhana Diah

The exterior features an exclusive mesh radiator grille, rear lower bumper garnish, and other design cues that highlight the F Sport’s fearless personality. 

In the cabin, a selection of exclusive features heightens expectations of exhilarating performance. The specially tuned suspension delivers a sharp steering feel, flat cornering, and a smooth ride, while additional refinements realise exceptional performance in various driving situations.

Image courtesy of Lexus Brunei

Select refinements inject a sports-focused edge into F Sport handling. Exclusive tuning of the rear stabiliser bar, shock absorbers and other components, together with the F Sport Suspension system which optimally controls damping force in response to the road surface, boost driving confidence and pleasure.

Image courtesy of Lexus Brunei

The front sports seats are the product of an innovative ‘integrated foaming’ manufacturing process. They provide a blend of refined comfort with firm support and excellent holding performance for sports driving.

ES Main Features

Improved quietness and ride quality and an evolved driving performance

The new ES introduces enhancements to superior quietness and ride comfort, as well as further refinements to its high-quality overall comfort. 

As can be experienced through the comfort of the car’s seamless connection between deceleration, steering, and acceleration in any driving situation, development pursued a linear response that is faithful to the driver’s intentions, which is a constant Lexus aim.

Image: Nurhana Diah

Higher-rigidity rear suspension braces

• The switch from a single sheet structure to a dual sheet structure has increased rigidity. Torsional and lateral rigidity has been heightened for improved ride comfort, as well as for a driving sensation that is more linear and faithful to the driver’s intentions, even in such situations as high-speed lane changes.

Improved brake controllability

• For gasoline-powered versions, the idle stroke of the brake pedal reduced by improving the internal structures of the master cylinder and booster.

• For hybrid versions, brake controllability improved by changing the control constants of the electronically controlled braking system. 

• The contact area for the driver’s foot expanded by changing the shape of the brake pedal pad, improving the sense of stability when the brake pedal is depressed. 

• The sense of lateral rigidity in the brake pedal has been enhanced by improving the mounting method for the internal bushing of the brake pedal link configuration.

An evolution of the characteristic elegant styling of the ES toward a more modern look

The new ES improves on the quality and elegance that has been well received by ES customers. The exterior has evolved into a more modern look by way of a newly designed front grille and newly designed rims, while the interior has adopted the new interior colour trims like Walnut Sumi Black and Walnut Dark Brown and evolved into a calm and modern space. 

Also, based on Lexus’ human-centred approach, enhanced operability was pursued in every detail, such as by giving the vehicle’s multimedia system a touch display and consolidating the switches around the steering wheel.

Newly designed front grille

Image: Nurhana Diah

While preserving the ES’ recognizable identity, the grille has been done in a mesh pattern consisting of an ensemble of L-shaped components that emphasize lateral flow. Its emphasized forward extrusion heightens the sense of quality.

Newly designed wheels

Image courtesy of Lexus Brunei

• Thicker spoke ends on the available 17-inch wheels emphasize the shine of machined surfaces and are layered in “V” formations to produce a sporty impression.

• The F Sport-exclusive 19-inch wheels are glossy black to match the black of the front grille for a firm impression.

New exterior colours

Two colors available for the first time on the ES are Sonic Iridium, which takes advantage of strong shadows to further accentuate the shape of the vehicle, and Sonic Chrome, which exhibits a metallic quality in a high-gloss finish.

Image: Nurhana Diah

Multimedia system

Image courtesy of Lexus Brunei

The multimedia system now features a touch display. Based on Lexus’ human-centered approach, the optimum distance and angle between the driver for a newly adopted touch display were sought out, and the display has been moved closer to the driver by more than 100 mm compared to previous display layouts and tilted approximately five degrees, putting even the outlying corners of the screen within easy reach of the driver.

The display’s screen uses glass for improved visibility and operability.

Image courtesy of Lexus Brunei


• Walnut material and the newly developed colors of Sumi Black and Dark Brown create a sense of luxury.

• Hairline ornamentation is done in hairlines etched one at a time using a laser process, creating a more delicate and modern ambience.

• The F Sport now comes in White, combined with seatbacks in Black for a sportier impression.

Application of state-of-the-art active safety technologies

Lexus is developing safety technologies under the banner of eliminating traffic casualties, which is the ultimate wish of a society of mobility. 

Lexus prioritizes the development of the most advanced safety technologies and the quick delivery of such to drivers—it does this by actively employing cutting-edge technologies in its flagship vehicle models.

Image courtesy of Lexus Brunei

By developing technologies for widespread application based on know-how cultivated through introducing cutting-edge technologies into its flagships, Lexus plans to broadly introduce advanced technologies into all of its vehicle models. 

This article was first published on 27 November 2021 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 169 | More stories here

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