Capturing memorable moments with Mochi Studio

Mochi Studio started off with an idea to preserve magical moments and memories through polaroid print-outs.

Founded by Syasya Sahira (also known as Sera), the inspiration behind Mochi Studios started when she was watching YouTube videos on how polaroid pictures were being used to decorate bedroom walls and office desks.

However, for an 18-year-old full-time medical student, Polaroid cameras were expensive, so she decided to create one herself.

Mochi Studio specialises in photo printing with the homegrown business offering polaroid printouts from regular designs to personalised ones.

Not only that, but the business also offers photo albums to their customers so that they can keep their photos safe.

“The reason why Mochi Studio is unique is that we offer a huge range of sizes to print from. You can also customise your own inspired photos or polaroid photos to your liking at a high quality and affordable price, I would not say we are the first-ever business in Brunei to do this, but I can say we are the first to offer a huge range of printing sizes to choose from including customization,” said the youthpreneur.

According to Sera the business started in 2018 when she was a determined 15-year-old looking for her own source of income. Ever since then, the business has gained a growing number of loyal customers.

“I decided to name my business Mochi Printing Studio because I was in love with mochi (a Japanese sweet dessert) at that time and it sounded catchy to me. Currently, I am running the business full-time with the help of my good friend,” she added.

Mochi Studio products and services are mainly promoted via their Instagram account.

On a day-to-day basis, Sera would curate posts and updates to keep their interactions with customers going.

Sera has been using social media as a way to promote the business for a while, so she knows her way around and how to manage her social media engagement.

“If you are able to start early, start as young as you can. Do know that there will be people that will support your business along the way,” she said.

“Embrace mistakes instead of dwelling on it, learn from those mistakes and from there you improve those imperfections and make them better. Business takes time to grow, it is not going to grow overnight, patience is important,” she added.

Since launching the Mochi Studio three years ago, the young entrepreneur has grown with the milestones and challenges of business with the help and support of the people around her.

As for future plans, although there are no plans yet to expand more products and services, Sera shared that maybe one day when they can identify their customer’s needs and upgrade their business.

Check out the printings made by Mochi Studio or print out memories for safe keeps now by visiting their Instagram @mochiprintingstudio to order.

This article was first published on 11 December 2021 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 170 |


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