Awan Putih: Baking a business for the love of French cakes

The idea behind local business Awan Putih started when 26-year-old Rashidah R was craving for her go-to French bakes which she usually bought during her time abroad.

The youthpreneur was further inspired to have her own bakery business following a friend’s suggestion to recreate the baked goods as she is an avid baker. It was a hobby.

Prior to opening the home-based business in January 2021, she first baked for a small circle of friends and family over the weekend. Positive responses and support came pouring in which eventually sparked her interest to venture into the business.

“We were craving for eclairs and other bakes that we usually buy from Sainsbury’s, so we wanted to make something similar to satisfy our cravings. A friend later suggested we bake choux since both are made from Pate a Choux,” said the youth, adding that the home bakery makes choux and financiers.

However, they encountered some challenges at the start and one of them was the lack of business knowledge but as time went on, they slowly learnt the tricks and tips of opening a business.

“Constant trials and errors were needed to further improve the quality of our products. All these processes can be time-consuming and require a lot of patience. That said, we are glad to make it through,” said Rashidah.

As their business grows slowly, they are eyeing to increase their menu, whether it be freshly-baked items such as bread, pastries and tarts or new flavours for their choux and financiers.

The entrepreneur added that they used to sell eclairs but had to pause due to some complications along the way with hopes to solve them the soonest so they can bring them back to the table.

With a minimal business background, the youth entrepreneur trusts that passion is the key to a successful business as when she dived into this business, she did not know much but just went for it. She is grateful that it has grown into what it is.

“A friend once shared to me – if you are venturing into a business, you are bound to face many problems. The key is to solve it one by one. On the bright side, the problems you encounter just shows that your business is really growing,” said the baker.

Images courtesy of Awan Putih

Rashidah was also able to pursue her business with the support that she received from friends and family as they continuously encouraged her to keep on going.

What started out as a hobby for baking, she is glad to call it her own business which allows her to develop her baking skills further and share the love with others.

Awan Putih’s menu currently is the financiers with flavours of classic, lemon glazed and earl grey while choux with flavours of milk custard, nutella and bandung.

The financiers are sold in a box of 12 pieces with one flavour or mix boxes of 12 pieces with two flavours, half and half for three flavours, with four pieces each flavour.

Whereas the choux are sold in a box of 16 pieces for one flavour or a box with 16 pieces with two flavours.

These baked goods are currently being sold through WhatsApp and Instagram on a pre-order basis and the items are priced ranging from $6 to $14.

See the baking recreations of overseas pastries that Awan Putih visiting their Instagram and have a taste of their delicious creations.

Images courtesy of Awan Putih

This article was first published on 26 February 2022 in our Weekly Epaper issue 182 |


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