Rentokil Brunei: Common drainage problems in Brunei

Drainage problems have always been an ongoing issue be it in a residential, commercial or industrial environment. While most problems are minor enough to ignore or live with it, drainage issues can escalate to major reconstruction and investment.

Drainage problems often start with signs of breakdown such as seeing the kitchen sink will not drain. And this will happen more frequently.

Here are top common drainage issues


Slow draining sinks, clogged drains, and toilet bowls with poor draining functions are some signs of blocked drainage. They are largely caused by coffee grounds, hair, tissues, fat and other oil residues that are flushed down inappropriately.

Quick fixes such as downing hot water or liquid cleaning solutions, and applying pressure and suction with a plunger can provide temporary relief. However, escalated complications should be corrected by professional drainage companies.

Root Intrusions

In rare instances, tree roots surrounding water lines may burrow deep into the ground and hit the drainage pipelines. They often penetrate through the joints, puncturing holes into the pipework thus causing blockages that may lead to serious problems.

Implication: Wastewater and foul odour will seep out, further trapping debris such as hair, tissue papers and fats, putting the pipes at risk from bursting.

All drains and waste pipes require periodic maintenance and cleaning to prevent the accumulation of scale, silt and grease or debris that can reduce the bore of the pipe. Having a reduced capacity within your drainage system increases the likelihood of expensive blockages occurring, with the potential to cause serious problems from leaks and pipe ruptures. Initial hygiene’s drainage specialists provide preventative maintenance for your drains, 

Explore our drainage management solutions

Our specialist drain maintenance services are carried out by our expert technicians who work to remove the build-up of scale, silt, grease and debris, to help you maintain a clear drainage system and pipework to prevent expensive blockages. In the event of a blockage or the pipes becoming clogged, we can provide emergency drain cleaning to unclog and dislodge the blockage. If you are looking for regular drain maintenance or are experiencing drainage problems, you can contact us today.

We provide highly effective solutions designed to solve a wide spectrum of  blockage problems – be it residential, offices or other commercial and industrial environments. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to customise our service to meet our client’s unique requirements by providing regular and quality maintenance services.

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This article was first published on 25 June 2022 in our Weekly Epaper issue 199 | 


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