Tasek Brasserie introduces new Western, Asian menu

Tasek Brasserie has launched a brand new menu featuring dishes that brings a unique amalgamation of Western and Asian flavours offering plenty of mouth-watering choices to suit your every palate.

The restaurant features a variety of new and delicious appetizers from scrumptious salad to rich and savoury pizza.

Whether you are in the mood for a fulfilling dish or just a bite to eat – the new menu has it all.

One of their highlighted new dish is the Indonesian Chicken Satay Maranggi.

Image: Azrina Zin

Each bite of the Sundanese-style satay dish packed with a punch flavour that is enhanced further with a side ofassorted pickles and relish made from soya sauce, chilli, sliced shallots and diced onions that perfectly compliments each other.

To keep your taste buds entertained, you can try out their Coronation Chicken Salad. It is a scrumptious combination of mixed lettuce, tender chunks of chicken, apricots, sesame complemented perfectly with the curried mayo sauce.

For pizza lovers, their vegetarian pizza is a mouthwatering colourful medley of vegetables dressed in fresh tomatoes, mushroom, spinach and sweet corn.

For the main menu, highlighted specials include the BBQ Beef featuring tender pieces of braised beef brisket lathered in rich BBQ gravy, served alongside a creamy marshed potatoes and beetroot.

Another hearty to choose from is the Pesto Cream with Pan Seared Prawns that features succulent prawn with luxuriously creamy sauce made with garlic, basil and parmesan.

If you are looking for something fulfilling you can also try out their signature Soto Ayam, that features succulent and tender chicken served with beef begedil, boiled eggs drenched in generous amounts of earthy herbal broth.

The meal also comes with a side of jasmine rice, sambal and melinjo chips.

Moreover, your sweet tooth will also be satisfied with the variety of new desserts that will tempt your taste buds from their Matcha Brulee to Butterscotch Lush.

The true luxury lies in every bite of their signature heavenly rich, gooey Pecan Chocolate Lava.

This extra-decadent dessert is topped with vanilla ice cream that perfectly complements the warm molten centre that melts in your mouth and a sprinkle of caramelised pecan add just the right amount of crunch.

Image: Azrina Zin

Besides that, Tasek Brasseries also launched its new drink menu. If you are looking for fruity and fresh drinks to cool down, the Tasek Sunrise and the Watermelon Charger is the summer drink for you.

For bookings and reservations, contact Tasek Brasserie at 2244272 or follow @radissonbrunei on Instagram for more information and the latest updates.


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