Mitsubishi Attrage: An eco-friendly, value-for-money sedan

Looking for an entry-level car with an affordable price tag? GHK, the sole distributor of Mitsubishi, is introducing its budget-friendly compact sedan, the Mitsubishi Attrage offering practicality, class-leading fuel efficiency, and comfort.

The B-segment car is aimed at first-time buyers and younger customers, with its affordability and inexpensiveness to maintain.

The value-for-money sedan comes with redesigned exterior details, refreshed interiors, enhanced tech features, and a few additions to the safety package.

*Exterior and interior*

From the outside, the Mitsubishi Attrage offers a bold yet clean and simple design.

The Attrage impresses with its distinctive chrome grille dominating the front and sharp edges that surround the headlamps in the bumper making it sleeker and stylish.

Moreover, the eco sedan’s front grille feature is designed with the latest version of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s trademark of Dynamic Shield with a geometric design, portraying the balance between dynamism and power.

The side-profile of the economical saloon is sculpted to look bigger than it actually is, thanks to its clean lines and dynamic styling.

Not only that, but the 5-seater is also available in five colour options; White Diamond, Red, Black Mica, Titanium Grey Metallic and Silver Metallic.

Its profile is designed aerodynamically and sleeker for better performance as well as to improve fuel efficiency.

Image: Azrina Zin

In terms of interior, the Mitsubishi Attrage offers functionality and a supremely generous amount of headroom and legroom making the sedan a spacious all-rounder

Above everything else, the Japanese carmaker prioritises comfort and convenience.

Moreover, the controls are all nicely placed, the dashboard is well laid out and there are plenty of storage compartments, which makes the five-seater an ideal car for daily practicality.

In terms of entertainment, the 5-seater comes equipped with a user-friendly 9-inch multimedia system that supports tuner AM/FM Radio, MP3 Player with USB Port, GPS Google Maps, Youtube and Android compatibility.

For the needed extra storage, the body length provides a luggage space that measures 450 litres.

*Performance and Safety*

The Mitsubishi Attrage is powered by a feisty 1.2-litre MIVEC engine that delivers a peak torque of 100 Nm at 4,000 rpm and 78 horsepower at 6,000.

One of its highlighted strengths is its maximum performance and fuel saving. The Japanese Automotive brand claims an impressive fuel economy figure of 23.3 km/l for the Attrage.

In terms of safety, the Attrage is equipped with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), dual airbags and many more.

Moreover, its seatbelt safety feature has been improved with a pre-tensioner seat belt with a force limiter which is designed to recoil instantly during a frontal collision, therefore limiting injuries to driver and passenger.

Not only that, the Attrage features a solid Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) to protect both driver and passengers in the event of a collision.

*Driving the Mitsubishi Attrage*

Image: Azrina Zin

The Bruneian team recently tested the Attrage for its full potential and prowess.

From the GHK Showroom in Beribi to the bustling Batu Satu area, the Attrage provides a surprisingly fun and solid drive for a compact car.

As soon as you drive the new Attrage you will see that this is the car you should buy. The driving experience is exactly as you would expect in an entry-level sedan: light, agile and smooth

Driving on a range of roads from highways to challenging roads of Batu Satu, the Attrage feels smooth and serene when cruising.

The Attrage may be compact in size, but it’s as fun to drive on the curvy road of the Kiarong thanks to its sharp handling and precise, well-weighted steering for the driver to have more confidence behind the wheel.

Its light steering and good feedback were easy to maneuver.

The 5-seater boasts optimal road performance and road-holding capabilities throughout the drive. It was perfectly stable and planted to the ground which inspired confidence from behind the wheel.

It was at the long winding road of the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah highway where we got to test out the power of the 1.2-litre engine MIVEC. We were able to drive confidently on the highway at the speed of 100km/h.

The power produced by the engine is sufficient for cruising and it is fuel-efficient, perfect for long journey drives.

Through this, the 5-seater features a wide range of advanced technologies and safety features for a safer and more confident drive.

From the driver’s seat, the seat also strikes a good balance between comfort and support making the drive back from the busy traffic along the Gadong roundabout a pleasant and stable ride.

Overall, if you are looking for a cost-effective car with quality and reliability options to meet your transportation needs, the Mitsubishi Attrage is definitely a good choice.

The Attrage offers great value for money, and not just because it’s cheap to buy. It’s comfortable, refined, practical and comes with plenty of standard kits.

In addition to that, customers who purchase Mitsubishi Attrage from 1 August – 30th September 2022, are entitled to a free V-Kool Tinted Package or $600 worth of shopping vouchers.

Not only that, but customers will also be able to go for a test drive and experience the performance of the Mitsubishi Attrage.

Those who test-drive any of the Mitsubishi Attrage during the promotion period from 1- 31st August will receive a free drink/meal voucher worth $10.

For more information, visit the GHK showroom in Beribi to book a test drive with the latest Mitsubishi Attrage or follow them on Instagram @mitsubishimotors_brunei.


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