Brunei-Vietnam Trade fair to bolster business cooperation

The Embassy of Vietnam in Brunei Darussalam will be hosting the five-day Vietnam – Brunei Darussalam Trade, Culture, Food and Arts Fair which will feature a B2B business matching event aimed at enhancing cooperative opportunities between businesses from both nations.

The fair will take place from 7 – 11 September 2022 at The Mall, Gadong and is held in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Brunei Darussalam and Vietnam.

Speaking during a press conference recently, Ambassador of Vietnam to Brunei Darussalam, His Excellency Tran Van Khoa said that economic cooperation remains among the most important pillars of bilateral relations between the two countries.

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“Potential fields to promote trade cooperation include agriculture and fisheries, Halal food manufacturing and packing, e-commerce and technology, building and construction, as well as healthcare products,” he added.

The Vietnam – Brunei Darussalam Trade, Culture, Food and Arts Fair will feature 28 booths, consisting of approximately 70 businesses from Vietnam and Brunei Darussalam, according to the foreign envoy.

The event, he added, aims to provide a platform for these businesses to not only showcase their products but to also share their experience amongst their respective counterparts through the B2B Business Matching event and facilitate cooperative options in their respective markets.

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“The Embassy is in collaboration with Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) to invite Brunei businesses to take part in the event and to promote the connection between businesses of mutual interests from both countries,” he continued.

Businesses from Vietnam that will be taking part in the event are from industries that include; food & beverage, agricultural products such as cashew and coffee – Vietnam is the first largest exporter of cashew and the second largest exporter of coffee in the world – as well as health supplements, construction materials and cosmetics.

The event will also include cultural performances from both Vietnam and Brunei Darussalam, highlighting each country’s cultural identities through traditional folk dances.

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The Vietnamese traditional folk dances will include those that are recognized as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. This performance will tentatively take place during the opening ceremony on 7 September and on the night of 10 September.

Photo exhibits from talented Vietnamese photographers will be on display as artworks through the ARTYSANS exhibition consisting of pieces by 24 artists.

The fair will also include sensational culinary sessions run by Vietnamese chefs that will demonstrate the making of Vietnamese spring rolls and other Vietnamese specialties, this is slated for 9 September.


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