Start your day with Express Brunei new breakfast menu

Kickstart your morning with a scrumptious new breakfast menu from Express Brunei.

The local fast-food launched a new lineup of classic breakfast foods, including Big Beefy Breakfast, Chicken Pie, Chicken Roll, Chick & Rice with Sambal and a variety of porridges, sandwiches and hotcakes.

For a hearty breakfast, the Big Beefy Breakfast is a perfect choice. The meal priced at $6.80 features a symphony of classics: beef, fried egg, croissant, hash brown and baked beans.

Moreover, the breakfast menu also includes the heart-warming Chick & Rice with Sambal which comes with one piece of crispy fried chicken, rice and a side of flavourful sambal.

Image: Nurhana Diah

If you prefer to have sandwiches in the morning, fret not as the breakfast menu also has three choices of sandwiches – Egg Sandwich, Beef Sandwich and Beef & Egg Sandwich priced at just $2.50, $4.20 and $5, respectively.

Moreover, the new breakfast menu also has three selections of hotcakes including their Classic Hotcakes, Chocolate Hotcakes and Oreo Hotcakes.

The Express breakfast menu is served from 7am to 10am, giving you only a three-hour window to satisfy your morning fix.

To top it off, it also includes a choice of coffee or tea.

Head down to Express Brunei now to enjoy the new breakfast menu when you can—it is definitely a burst of flavour not to be missed.

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