Preserving long-lasting flowers and memories with Little Mood Magic

Motherhood has changed the way Wendy Chok perceives things, especially how precious time is. This inspired the 30-year-old to capture memories whenever she can and that includes preserving flowers to be kept forever which led her to start her business, Little Mood Magic.

The preserved flower business began back in early 2022. Little Mood Magic is all about presenting clients’ bouquets with a magical twist. Their bouquets are also kept for a longer period in a frame.

Being a new mom, Wendy realised that 24 hours a day is too short to spend with her little girl and wanted to fully utilise every single second of that time and this made her want to soak up all the moments around her.

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The inspiration for Little Mood Magic came when Wendy was looking at all the bouquets that her husband has given her over the years from the proposal, marriage registration and tea ceremony and she notices them just sitting in the corner collecting dust.

It pinched her heart to let them sit out and throwing them out was never an option as they were memories from major events in her life. That is when she decided to start arranging them on a canvas and keeping them nicely in a frame.

The 30-year-old also shared that all bouquets deserve to be treasured and so do the memories which came with them.

Image courtesy of Little Mood Magic

“I do research online on different methods to preserve flowers and I chose the method which I prefer to use which is dehydrating them to make dried preserved flowers,” said the mompreneur.

After experimenting and researching various methods for preserving flowers, she chose the drying method.

Wendy then decided that she wanted to not only create long-lasting flowers but also share her crafts with others and open the little Mood Magic business.

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She also runs the business with the help of her husband, who assists her in producing graphics for her social media as well as sharing his personal opinions and thoughts.

When asked why she decided to name the business, the ‘Little Mood Magic’ she said: “It is a mood in a frame, a state of feeling when they receive their bouquets and I want to keep this mood for as long as it can be. Hence, the name of the business, Little Mood Magic.”

According to the 30-year-old, preserving flowers is unique and all flowers show different shades and shapes after they have been dried through her preservation work.

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Wendy shared that usually her clients would send her their fresh bouquets for preservation works and she would arrange them nicely in a frame. The whole process would usually take a whole month.

However, clients can also request their own dried flowers to be arranged and the entrepreneur would just be trimming the bouquets and arranging them in frames as the preservation has been done by the clients themselves.

“I always have a look at my clients’ dried bouquets before accepting the job order as some bouquets are too crisp to touch and it makes them not workable to arrange in the frame,” said the 30-year-old.

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The best solution is to send the fresh bouquet to Little Mood Magic within two days of receiving it so that Wendy can preserve it in its best condition for better quality, she added.

Little Mood Magic also has dried flowers which the entrepreneur has preserved beforehand and is ready to be arranged in the frame and this is convenient for customers and good to be given as a gift for their loved ones. With this, the arrangement process only takes a week.

“What I do is more like a service and the aim of my business is to help my clients treasure every bouquet that they have received,” said the entrepreneur.

She loves seeing how they turn out at the end and every piece that she has arranged is one and only piece for her clients.

“It is not a generic product, it’s a unique piece that can’t be found anywhere else,” said Wendy Chok.

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The pricing for the preserved bouquets ranges from $45 to $110 depending on their arrangements and how long it would take.

Since the products themselves take some time to be completed, and that is the main challenge of this business as her time is limited, she can only take in so many orders at a time and it makes her feel regretful to decline clients and put them on the waiting list.

So the entrepreneur tries her best to manage her time as well as keep her customers happy.

“My journey in becoming an entrepreneur has been filled with trials and errors, with experiments on trying different methods for my service but it has been fulfilling so far as I see my clients being happy with my work,” said the entrepreneur.

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At the moment, it is still too early to see what the future plans are for this business as Wendy is focusing on what she can do at the moment and the nearest upcoming plan would be Valentine’s Day bouquet preservation which will also have limited slots.

The entrepreneur took the chance of creating a business out of something that she can and loves to do, it may not be perfect yet but the journey will be rewarding in the end.

Do check out Little Mood Magic on Instagram @littlemoodmagic to see all the flowers that the entrepreneur has worked on for her clients.


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