Brunei Gas Carries celebrates 25th anniversary

Brunei Gas Carriers (BGC) recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee, a momentous milestone for the first deepwater shipping company in Brunei Darussalam.

A thanksgiving ceremony and a Maghrib Mass Prayer were held at Masjid Al-Ameerah Al Hajjah Maryam in Jerudong with the management and staff of BGC to commemorate the celebration.

The significance of the Silver Jubilee is multifold, for it demonstrates how far BGC has come as a shipping company, developing its people, and delivering excellence across its shipping operations.

Image courtesy of BGC

At the center of this journey are all the people that have worked onshore and on the vessels, making sure that BGC continues to operate safely and reliably for 25 years and beyond.

BGC is proud and thankful to be able to celebrate its Silver Jubilee with all the staff, for this celebration carries a deeply held meaning.

With the shipping industry becoming more and more challenging each year, BGC remains confident that with the support of everyone in the company, and the efforts being undertaken to propel the company forwards, BGC can continue to prosper and contribute to the Brunei Maritime Industry for many years to come.

Image courtesy of BGC

Image courtesy of BGC

Present to lead the ceremony was BGC Managing Director Captain Abdul Mateen Abdurrahman Liew.

Also in attendance were Minister of Transport and InfocommunicationsYang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Pengiran Shamhary Pengiran Dato Paduka Hj Mustapha; Senior Government officials; Senior Management of Brunei Shell Joint Venture (BSJV) Companies; and former Managing Directors of BGC.

BGC also collaborated with Institute Tahfiz Al-Quran for a special khatam ceremony involving 25 students, completing the Al-Quran recitation a total of 25 times.

The closing of the recitation was carried out at the mosque, in the presence of two teachers from Tahfiz Al-Quran, accompanied by the Imams.

Image courtesy of BGC

Image courtesy of BGC


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