Jinjja-Berry Good: Bringing Korean fresh fruits, locally-grown strawberries to Bruneian market

Catering fresh and premium fruits to the local market, Jinjja-Berry Good is home to imported fruits and strawberries sourced from a local farm.

Berry Good owner Eddy Choi had the idea of having his own strawberry farm and at the same time supplying fruits from Korea, a concept that he envisioned for the business.

With a focus on local cultivation and sustainability, the farm allows him to offer homegrown strawberries while the imported produce gives an additional range of fruit options to the Bruneian market.

Eddy believes that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy more fruit varieties that are fresh and of great quality.

Image: Nurhana Diah

“I am motivated to import Korean fruits to Brunei because I want to introduce the local population to the unique flavours and varieties, bringing a delightful assortment of fruits they may not have had the opportunity to taste before,” said the entrepreneur who was born and raised in Korea.

All about Berry Good

Berry Good started in June 2017, leveraging a unique selling point which is to source all-season fruits, setting them apart from other fruit stores.

Their selections from Korea help fill in the gap for the need for fruits that are not available elsewhere locally. Korean fruits are known for their crunchy flesh and sweet flavours, thanks to their temperate climate with four seasons.

Image: Nurhana Diah

Eddy further said that he would usually restock the air-flown fruits once a week on Saturdays and would sell out fast.

Berry Good has been receiving a positive reception from customers, especially on Seolhyang Strawberry for its size and taste.

Other than strawberries, customers can also find Korea Peach, Korea Fresh Persimmon, Korea Apple Watermelon and Korea Yellow Melon.

“I believe it is quite hard for consumers to find any in the outside supermarket,” he said, adding that they do not sell other locally grown fruits at the store other than local strawberries.

Overcoming challenges

Opening a fruit shop also comes with its own challenges and one of them is short shelf life which means that the fruits get spoiled easily.

To minimise wastage, they manage their inventory carefully and ensure that fruits are fresh and in optimal condition.

Proper storage, handling, and logistics, Eddy added, are also crucial to maintain product quality and reduce losses.

Another challenge for them is transportation costs. Air freight can be relatively expensive compared to other modes of transportation. It can impact profit margins, especially for businesses operating on tight budgets or with low-margin products.

For the business owner, finding reliable and high-quality sources of fruits is also a challenge, especially when it comes to maintaining a consistent supply throughout the year. Factors like seasonality, weather conditions, and logistics can impact the availability and cost of fruits.

Image: Nurhana Diah

These challenges can vary depending on factors such as the size and location of the business, target market, and the specific business model adopted.

Eddy shared that successful fruit entrepreneurs overcome these challenges through strategic planning, adaptability, market research, and a customer-centric approach.

Journey and future plans

Starting a business as a fruit entrepreneur and using your own capital is a common approach for many entrepreneurs. This is no different for Berry Good’s owner.

The entrepreneur said that as he builds his fruit business, he aims for financial sustainability and profitability.

Image: Nurhana Diah

Sharing a tip, Eddy said that one needs to continuously monitor financial performance, adjust strategies if needed, and focus on generating revenue while managing expenses effectively.

When he first started, he began by conducting market research to understand the demand for fruits in the target market, identify potential competitors, and explore market trends.

The next step was to develop a solid business plan that outlines your goals, target audience, products or services, pricing, marketing strategies, and financial projections.

Other than that, one needs to continuously monitor market trends, gain customer feedback, and sales data.

Image: Nurhana Diah

The entrepreneur shared that in business, one needs to adapt strategies accordingly, whether it is introducing new fruit varieties, expanding product offerings, optimising pricing, or adjusting marketing campaigns.

As an entrepreneur, one thing that keeps the 56-year-old going is passion – his interest in fruits and sharing his love for fresh, healthy produce with others.

The entrepreneur said: “Starting and running a business is indeed challenging, and there are no guarantees of success. However, by giving your best effort, being sincere in your endeavors, and staying committed to your goals, you increase your chances of achieving success”.

It is important to understand that failures and setbacks are a natural part of the entrepreneurial journey, as it provides room for learning and growth.

Image: Nurhana Diah

Moreover, Eddy shared that having a dedicated and motivated staff is crucial for the success of any business.

Although Berry Good has been around for six years, there is still a long way to go for the business and Eddy has many plans in store.

One of the plans is to offer more types of products such as fruit juices, fruit jam, fruit milk, fruits biscuit and bread, and any kind of healthy foods, among others.

Jinjja-Berry Good is always happy to help Bruneians get their fruit cravings fixed and grateful to have many customers enjoying their fruits as the stocks they bring in are always sold out.

Be sure to check out Jinjja-Berry Good on Instagram @berrygood.bn or head over to their shop at Unit 2, Ground Floor, Block A, Simpang 188 at Jalan Pengiran Babu Raja.


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